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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: ‘Here I can afford to feed my children’Our children are losing. Just look at the school systems compared to 30 years ago. More children cheat than at anytime in this countries history. Parents have forgotten to be parents in this two job 24/7 world, and American youth are being pushed out of construction industries. Every time someone wishes to fight back and defend the rights and laws of America, they are tagged racist. No, what needs to happen is to let it fall apart. Letting the system collapse is the only way to start over. Re: Dean’s breathing easierOur deep gratitude to Allen Best for writing the very good article “Dean’s Breathing Easier.” Dean S. Canada is our son-in-law, a very honorable, likeable man, husband and father. We are grateful for every day of his life. Mike and Jeanette CostelloRe: One high school or two?Unfortunately this (commenter) has not done his/her homework. If they would have been a part of the district’s Coming Attractions held last year, they would have discovered that projected student enrollment and the anticipated growth in population do warrant the need for a new high school. Not to mention the fact that we have continually made band aid fixes on the existing BMHS. I would challenge this writer to take a walk through the halls of BMHS, review the data that the District has gathered on anticipated growth (which happens to be very accurate), and then decide if a high school is still needed.Nikki Cribbs, concerned parentRe: Spying helps W. get in touchI quote, “We … have to bend to distasteful tactics to preserve our way of life” Do you really mean this? You’re insane. Do you want a bloody dictatorship? I don’t. Sorry, guy but it’s not Matt who has to get a grip on himself but you! I’m afraid of people like you who believe everything they are told: You are a puppet. What do you want? To have a nice “red-hunting” but instead it would be Muslim-hunting or something? Wake up! Who is your enemy anyway? It seems to be anybody except Jews and Christians. Am I wrong? It is called segregation. Here, you are the fascist.Re: Spying helps W. get in touchWho are bad guys? It could be anybody. So let the government tap phone calls of everybody in the U.S. People would be so happy! Sorry, but to me 9/11 is still a mystery. And don’t say it’s Iraq’s fault. Come on. Iraq means oil, period. Now it’s a bloody chaos there, but you don’t care. Grow up and get a job in the W. administration. Well, actually you don’t need to grow up for that …Re: Playing Don QuixoteFirst of all thank you for writing a column about the issues going on in Vail. I first hope that everyone is applauding the hockey coaches for taking time out of their lives to help our children. Has the Vail Daily given the coaches a chance to make a statement? I truly believe they have only helped the children in the valley. A beer after a game that a parent bought for them when they had not been informed that this was not policy has created a commotion, that I only wish the true issues of our children would.I do want to know about Crossroads. Does the group that is against the future of the building believe that there is a better solution? I cannot believe that you would make grievances against someone who is for the future of our valley. Vail is changing before our eyes, why are you making us have to wait to have Crossroads done, too? Do you not want to see a beautiful town? I have always believed that if you do not agree with someone, have a clear solution, or do not say anything at all. Will that ever happen? Re: Eagle County commissioners race beginsSomeone needs to tell Mr. Brown that the commissioners have nothing to do with the war in Iraq and have no control over the school district. Maybe he running for the wrong office.Re: ‘A real piece of heaven’What great article. Well written and nicely photographed. This should be the standard for all articles. Well done.Re: ‘A real piece of heaven’Great article, J.K. Love the way you roasted Kenny, too! Thank you for providing us with a little bit of bragging rights back home. Later bro!! Again, great riding with you. Re: 10 most fascinating people hereCourtney Somes is one amazing girl. She will be the first female president!Re: TipslineRe: “Fuming”: The reality is Americans are losing their rights faster than we can count them. The right to smoke in public. The right of private business owners to say “Yes, in my very own business that I own personally, you can smoke.”Eminent domain, the seizure of private property, often for another person’s personal gain. Your loss, though. The right for a minor child to have an abortion without telling her parents/guardians, the ones who are legally responsible for her health and well-being. The right to bear arms. That is constitutional. Your right to privacy, also constitutional. The right to a country that follows the rule of the law.And how sad of a statement for our society? The one that used to be called a democratic republic with sound reason.Mike Cacioppo says this over and over. And people think he is a nut. He isn’t. Even Mike, who hates smoking, will likely say you have a legal, constitutional and civil right to smoke.Re: TipslineI am putting a book together about the past 25 years of my life in the Vail Valley. I am going to call the book “A Highway Runs Through It.” It will be the story of how our county and town politicians are first put up for election, then put out to bid. It will explore why the only local cemetery is at the Eagle County Landfill. Why the local land conservation group is run by the biggest land developer in the area. It will be unable to explain why a person is unable to receive mail at their residence when the post office is only several blocks away. The list goes on and on. Re: TipslineScapegoats? In American people are STILL free to own property and invest their money as they wish, including Realtors, even the person who wrote that silly Tipsline comment condemning Realtors for owning multiple properties. People typically invest in that which they feel most comfortable. Some people invest in the stock market, others invest in real estate, and some do a bit of both. So it only makes sense that Realtors would invest in real estate. Happy Valley real estate appreciates regardless of who happens to own it, and regardless of one’s investment choices the objective is to turn a profit. It’s the American way. … Vail, Colorado

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