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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Electric Side Dish the main entree at Brush Creek SaloonHeck of a band. I can’t wait until they come back to Eagle and Vail. Don’t miss these guys! Re: Letters for SaturdayDebating “God’s attributes and characteristics” is not the sort of topic one entertains unless thoroughly stoned. The notion of “reasoned” discourse “regarding God’s attributes and characteristics” is absurd. It can only result in floundering reasoning because on this topic absolutely no one can possibly know what they’re babbling about. Re: Letters to the editorMr. Brown is another typical blogger candidate. He is all opinions, all attitude and has no information. He is merely following in the footsteps of Peter Runyon. God save Eagle County is we elect Roger the blogger!Re: Letters to the editorThe United States is a republic. And if you would look into the difference, you will be happy that we are a republic. Re: TipslineI am replying to the tip regarding “Slow going.” I am sorry, but when you have roads as slick and snow packed as they get when it snows, people don’t need to be going so fast. An you also need to think about the fact that a large percentage of people driving in the winter conditions here in this resort town, DON’T LIVE IN COLORADO, and are just here visiting.Re: Skiers want backcountry access, not lifts”Summit resident Billy Anthony said the civil liberties of backcountry skiers are being taken away.”Mr. Anthony, get a life or, better yet, read the Constitution. You do NOT have a human or a civil right to ski in the backcountry. While I am not in favor of building more lifts or increasing access to the backcountry, I realize that it is not my right to ski anywhere I want. If you like the Jackson Hole model, ski in Jackson Hole. One fundamental right you do have is the right to travel.Re: Letters to the editorI think Mr. Brown needs to do a little more research on the powers and duties of the county commissioners. They have absolutely no power to form public school policy, set teacher pay scales or write curriculum. Perhaps he should be running for the school board. Re: Don’t count on a floodRe this: “The town of Gypsum comes to mind as another vital body that can’t inspire enough candidacies to hold elections.”In this case I get the distinct impression that any longtime residents who knew Gypsum before 1991 are being forced out of town. That or live with a content battle with the town.Why bother running for office when you are already defeated by mere virtue of knowing more than the town management wants you to remember?Longtime residents, who would care the most about Gypsum, cannot win regardless there. And their residents know it.Re: TipslineBeing able to drive in the snow entails safe speeds suitable to the conditions. The speed limit is just that, a limit, not a recommendation.Re: Redefining classical music: the enigma of The Five BrownsThese five young people are fantastic! You watch them for an hour and you want to listen for five hours! Talent? That’s a given. Presence? They are beyond boundaries. Entertainment? Joyous, enrapturing, uplifting, … Education? Each of their performances is an education in what quality music can truly become! Don’t miss this one!Re: Letters to the editor”Let’s not kill the goose that laid the golden egg” is such a tired phrase that means nothing, Roger Brown. Try something creative like, “Now that I’ve made a bundle and have a home, let’s close the door.” Or how about, “I want to see if we can make our community worse than Aspen by even more elitist land use planning, so that no regular working people will ever be able to afford to live here.” And I thought that Runyon was liberal. He pales by comparison to you.Re: Don’t count on a floodDon’t worry, Don, about the water board. I’m sure that Vail Resorts will have someone run so that they can maintain their dominance over the valley’s water. Just ask them who controls the Eagle Park Reservoir.Re: Weighing a mountainKaye did a good job at not putting any anti-Ginn spin in her article. Keep up the good work!Re: Letters to the editorWhy do you think they call it dope?Re: Letters to the editorFlawed democracy? Get a clue, Brady. In America all political parties are free to nominate any American-born male or female citizen they wish for the office of president and VP. Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale’s running mate in 1984 – they lost by a landslide. Do the math. If America WANTED a woman president, we would have one. Re: Scum alertI know how you feel! I lost a diamond necklace where I work. It was a family heirloom and I know someone found it, but do you think they turned it in? No! I even put up a note offering a reward, I would have paid $200. Apparently that wasn’t enough, because the note is still there and I haven’t gotten my necklace back. This happened back in November, so I probably will never get it back. It makes me angry that people are so dishonest, and this is someone I work with every day. Re: Why we’re leaving U.S.Hello Ross: A bit late here, but wanted to comment on your piece about moving to New Zealand.I’m an American who has lived overseas for almost 20 years now. My reasons for relocating were a lot different from yours, but the spirit is the same. You are following your heart. I can totally understand that.On the other hand, I wonder how you’re adjusting to life in New Zealand. Because it is a different country, not just in terms of political and social values on paper. What’s going to affect you most are the changes you’ll be making to your everyday life on a personal level. Living successfully overseas is not a function of how much you hate things back home, but how well you adapt to the differences.One piece of practical advice (yes, I know you didn’t ask for it): As tempting as it may be, don’t burn your bridges. Keep filing your U.S. taxes, keep voting, keep a hand in on what’s going on. Because you never know what the future holds. Take it from someone who’s been there and done that. Anyway, I wish you luck and perhaps you can update us one day on your new life. Cheers. Re: TipslineHurray for New Hampshire for being smart enough to buy land and create a place for people to ride ATVs and snowmobiles. Vail and Colorado in general could learn a valuable lesson from these good folks. It is not healthy to shut these people out. The government is unable to manage what they have right now, and any further closures will only result in civil disobedience. …Vail, Colorado

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