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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: How about that smoking ban in Eagle County?Cherry here to focus a mite about that smoking ban that has left many smokers crippled. It is understandable how everyone would like to get rid of the beast! But have you given any consideration about the beast itself?Many people either can’t stand the beast (never smoked, so why should anyone else do it?), or can’t tolerate it due to illness (need to keep that beast away to stay healthy!), or are past smokers and are so proud of themselves that they think everyone else should be like them (gee, if we all were alike, it would surely be a boring world!).What about the constitutional rights of the people, and for those who don’t want to quit this beast? Why couldn’t we make room for those who are not as strong to quit that beast, somewhere? Let’s give these people a place to go in stead of marking them with a plague. (Let’s see, maybe in the middle of a field?) What the lawmakers and the smokers need is separation, and it may be accommodated without putting a big red X on the smokers’ foreheads. A smoker has a disability, and maybe it should be treated as such, because many will not change the way they are due to the disability of the addition. What could the solution be that would make everyone happy, and not just the non-smoker?. Don’t see the system working on the pollution put out by vehicles, which is worst than a cigarette. But of course everyone needs a car!Re: Wisdom from the WebMatt Debus wrote a letter to the editor about his punishment for allegedly skiing too fast. He wrote that “The third part of my punishment is the fact that I have not been able to snowboard since the incident. I am still obligated to pay for the Merchant Pass through my employer and I have been paying while not being allowed to snowboard.” Would someone inform me under what law is a private company allowed to take money for services not rendered? In other words, if Vail Resorts wants to take someone’s ski pass, under what law are they allowed to keep the passholder’s money for access to the mountain, and then not provide that access? It hardly seems fair. I can understand taking the pass and then pro-rating a fair refund, if VRI wants to keep Debus off the mountain. Why is that not the way this should work? Would someone from VRI please explain what law allows them to do this? Thank you. This is Michael Cacioppo.Re: Four suspects charged in Vail firesThank goodness the Vail Daily has Rohn Robbins legal column each week. He always strives to explain difficult legal terms in layman’s terms. Rohn, exactly what does “conspiracy to commit arson” really mean? Why haven’t the four been charged with just “arson.” What does all this really mean? Re: County gets more cops; D.A.’s coffer growsRunyon and Menconi spent all our money on a gravel pit so there was none left over for safety. What is the world coming to when “open space” is more important than hiring more deputies to keep us safe and secure? This can only be understood by Democrats like Spendconi and his poodle. Re: Less justice for environmentWhine all you want, Alan. You and your fellow extreme leftwing liberal types lost out to common sense and the rule of law. You must be on an e-mail list that automatically sends out the Democrat spin. Next time try thinking before you spout out your brain-washed nonsense. Vail, Colorado

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