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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorIt is quite obvious that Mr. LeVine is neither a military strategist nor politically astute or else he wouldn’t be making such absurd statements about removing U.S. troops from Iraq prematurely. Re: Letters to the editorI could not agree with you more. If America wanted a women president, we would have one. The problem is that many Americans do not want a women to be president for the simple fact that she is a women. If you look at the breakdown of the Senate and other higher offices, both public and private, it is obvious that there is something going on behind the scenes. The only way to deal with this is to admit that there is a problem, even if it makes one uncomfortable.Re: Letters to the editorRoger Brown has officially joined the ranks of born-again developers and promoters. Didn’t you make ski movies to encourage people to come here, Roger? Why the change of heart? Does Eagle County really need a left-wing zealot that makes Roger Moore look like a John Birch Society founder? At least your candidacy will split the vote for whoever the Democrats get to run. Thanks for running Lack of Reality, Roger!Re: Life inside a leadership voidYou are the perfect politician Alex. There is no leadership, no responsibiliy, friviolous spending and not one ounce of guilt. What office are you going to run for? You certainly know how to take and not have any accountablity for it. Then you choose a Royal Navy fictional character instead of an American. Leadership void indeed.Re: Sex offender pleads guilty, faces 16 yearsRepeat, repeat, repeat, offenders should not be allowed to plea bargain down their sentence. This is wrong.Re: Letters to the editorMr. Brown states that he worked for Vail Associates at the very beginning but then he talks about all of the problems he can solve after being part of the problem. Sounds like a Hillary Clinton wannabe to me. Re: Who do you like for governor?Tom Tancredo or none of the above! Re: Is Edwards paying its way?Bravo! Dave and Arch, the reason we are all in Edwards is because it is just a better experience, Avon sucks and has always been a village of idiots. I have always felt sorry for those poor souls who find themselves vacationing in Avon. We in Edwards diffinitely don’t need to become another town. Why would we want to become another Vail or Avon, where they have self-serving people running for office and simple-minded bureaucrats running the show? My God, Edwards is a paradise compared to those two failed experiments in self-governance. Re: Is Edwards paying its way?Of course Edwards doesn’t pay its own way when Arnold Spendconi and Peter the Poodle Runyon waste $6 million on a gravel pit! But hey, Runyon lives in Homestead, so what do you expect? This is nothing but Commissioners Runyon and Menconi buying votes with our money. We should not expect anything different as long as we have those two tax-and-spend liberals in office. Re: Letters to the editorIf Mr. Branscomb and the Eagle County Democrats really belive that the USA is the most dangerous country in the world, I have a simple solution. Please move! We really don’t need extremeists like you here anyway. Go to someplace safe like Iran. Or maybe you could move to Iraq and then decide if you think the bad ole USA should leave there so that good guy Saddam can take care of you. What are you and your liberal friends smoking anyway?Re: Is Edwards paying its way?Not only do the Commissioners spend way too much money in Edwards like at the gravel pit, the area also takes alot of business away from Avon and hence, sales tax. If I lived in Avon, I would be mad at the county for not spreading the wealth. Why don’t they spend that kind of money in Vail.Re: Dean’s breathing easierThis is great, Dean. I rejoice in the Lord with you. My sister has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. She has just found a doctor here in Orlando that is working with her. We lost my mom this past November. Keep my sister Brenda lifted in prayer. Her breathing condition had gotten so bad that she came to visit me from Georgia and I had to take her to the hospital because she could not breathe.Re: WisdomWildridge is starting to look like Highlands Ranch, complete with McMansions with plastic windows, fake stone, and the same old cookie cutter crap. Run Forest Run!Vail, Colorado

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