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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: How goes the ‘Renaissance’ in Vail?Mr. Stone, FYI: There is a difference, legally and in use, in what you have called “time’share” units and what they are, which is “fractional” or “private residence club” units. This goes for Vail Plaza, Four Seasons and One Willow Bridge Road. Ashley OffermannRe: Wisdom from the WebHmmm. Smoking is a disability? And I thought smoking was simply a disgusting bad habit. Re: Cherry and the smoking ban:You do not have a constitutional right to pollute the air I breathe. No one has marked you with “a plague.” This has nothing to do with your right to smoke. It is about others’ right to breathe clean air. If you need to smoke, you may still do it in a private place.You do not have a disability. Grow up. You have a foul habit that costs society billions of dollars and millions of lives every year. You don’t have to quit, but you may not smoke around me anymore. I am looking forward to going to bars and to shows without having your bad habit forced upon me.Good luck.Re: Letters to the editorRoss Palmer was so eager to leave the country and embrace his new homeland, I’m surprised he has time to opine in the Daily over people criticizing him for doing such. I would think he would be spending his time enjoying the utopia of New Zealand. His entire spectacle reminds me of the tale of Sir Robin in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail,” when he stood in the face of danger … and “bravely” ran away. Re: Forget the pom pons” ‘Some of the stuff they do is so fancy it is probably collegiate level,’ said Jennifer Wright, the cheerleading coach.” That’s a very disconcerting statement. The coach should know what the rules are, and what would be “collegiate” level. In fact, one of the skills they are showing in the article is illegal for high school teams. Cheerleading injuries will be lowered when everyone follows the rules to begin with.Re: TipslineIt is OK, they can vote in school tax increases, spend billions on open space, jack up the cost on anything they like, make more rules, do what ever you want, because I won’t be here to witness it. You won’t get anymore of my hard-earned money! To all the narrow minded, self-serving people who said if I don’t like it, then leave, guess what? I am. Good bye!Re: TipslineGreat, now we have another charter school for the spoiled kids. The test scores of the rest of the district will fall even further. If these concerned parents paid as much attention to the schools their kids are in right now, then they would not need these charter schools.Re: Hidden gas station with rooftop park plannedIt’s very simple actually. The growing population in Vail Valley requires more services and better infrastructure. They need more stores and medical facilities to handle the growing needs. Since neither the population will decrease nor their needs will diminish, the answer is clear.Re: Editor’s Blog, All smokeSanctimonious is how you defend Tipsline, silly is not listening to the science and 72 percent of the voters, and dumb is you writing five articles on the smoking ban when you claim you’re always so busy.Re: Readers weigh inBetter editing to avoid grammatical mistakes and the dreaded apostrophe abuse. Just a thought.Re: Readers weigh in”What say you” re this one Alex?”… We could use another conservative columnist, but not “rant” pieces…”Because I sure agree here!Re: TipslineYou know what? These “so-called” concerned parents serve on your federally mandated school boards, month after month, year after year. I know-for years I have been right there with them. They serve on DAAC, they serve on all your school committees and guess what? When you have 90 percent disinterested parents in this country, the school is going to fail no matter hard people try. So we do the next best thing. Work for everyone else’s kids and pull our own out of public school. I will not allow them to go down the toilet because of the ‘dredges on society’ are allowed to remain in our schools.School is a gift, not a given, Figure it out, society. If the school districts find their “brightest and best” keep leaving, well, maybe these students’ parents will finally be held accountable. And people will return from private schools, home-schools and charter schools. Until then, no. My kids have dreams, they work hard and I am going to do all I can to see them achieve them. It no longer includes leaving them in school to (and I will quote the ECSD teachers over the years) “Be good examples for the other children.” Wrong wrong wrong. Mine need and deserve an education too.Stop baby-sitting and condoning this group of spoiled children’s (mis)behavior. Start making Mom and Dad be responsible. Get a detention in school? Fine, have their parent come sit with their child at 6 a.m. for an hour at school everyday. That way they can still go to work and the kids will be inconvenienced right along with Mom and Dad. …Vail, Colorado

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