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Wisdom from the Web

Don Rogers

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Competition’s the higher valueThe answer is very simple, Don. The Jet Center has two commissioners in their back pocket. The Jet Center wants to maintain their monopoly (who wouldn’t?), so all they have to do is buy the decision makers. Watch and see as the Jet Center tries to lease up all the land available that could be used for a second FBO. No one ever said these guys are stupid. Competition is the best thing at the Eagle County Airport for the citizens. Don’t hold your breath though, as the Jet Center will fight hard to keep their one and only position in the market place.Re: Man allegedly punched 16-year-old on ski slopeThat guy’s a jerk. Give him 90 days in the pokie.Re: Competition’s the higher valueThe Jet Center wants to maintain their monopoly. Eagle County has worked to keep them that way by making it very difficult for anyone else to get on the airport. The county does not advertise for a second FBO, will not offer land for lease except to the Jet Center and this keeps fuel prices high at the airport. The County won’t lease land to anyone for a new hanger. This is good for the Jet Center, but not good for Eagle County citizens or business.Re: TipslineColorado DOT says mag chloride is non-toxic. With all the mag they put on the roads, one has to use mass amount of that blue water to keep your windshield clean so you can see. Has anyone else ever looked at the warning label on the side of the bottle. “Warning Fatal!” Yup, It is poison for sure. I found the ingredients listed as hazardous materials under the National Transportation and Safety listing. So if you were to drink it, you could die, and if you spilled more than a cup on the road, they, the cops would be required by law to bring out a haz-mat team. I would guess that the ratio of mag chloride to wiper fluid is 1-1, based on the stack of boxes at Wal-Mart, Sam’s, and every gas station along I-70. Re: Letters to the editorMr. Quinn, esq., is preaching to the choir here. All Mr. Quinn mentions here requires some previous education, a commitment and a willingness to do something – which translates into the words “inconvenience” and “no can do” and “don’t wanna do.” Re: Staying GreenCool.Re: Who do you like for governor?Tom Tancredo? Are you nuts! Why is this town so … Republican? Re: Best of mountain town medicineDitto! A member of my family suffered a very traumatic, life-altering accident and was hospitalized for two weeks at the Vail hospital. The care of the entire family was extraordinary. Re: Wisdom from the Web”Great, now we have another charter school for the spoiled kids. The test scores of the rest of the district will fall even further.” Why will the test scores fall even further? Do you believe that the children in the schools are incapable of learning? Are you aware that there are schools with more difficult demographics than ECSD (95 percent free lunch, 90 percent minority, and huge second language populations) doing very well? The difference is that these successful schools have abandoned trendy curriculum and now use researched-based proven series that increase achievement. These schools base decisions on measurable improvement and use tough achievement tests, not the minimum skills approach of the CSAP. If chosen programs are not producing measurable gains in achievement, new programs are brought in quickly. These successful schools use a more “traditional” approach that provides these kids with the skills they need to succeed. Maybe if our district took a chance and became “untrendy,” we would see results that these schools in urban environments see. The ECSD must come to terms with the fact that what they are using is not working well for many kids, that the TAP program is a drain, and that parents need real choice. Stone Creek Elementary will provide a breath of fresh air for parents like me that want a skills-rich, content-dense program that is taught to mastery. Also, since many kids will transfer to this school ,class size will be reduced in the other schools. Schools will still receive at least $9,390 per student, except for the charters that only receive 95 of that. Seems like a win-win for all involved. Re: River run renters losing their viewsI am totally appalled at this mess. Here we go again – losing affordable locals housing and replacing it with very expensive condos. The working young people simply cannot afford to buy a condo priced at $250,000 to over $500,00. I think this is pathetic and once again, the measure of greed that developers and corporations display in this valley. I am very sorry for all of you who are losing your homes to greed. I know you will have an almost impossible job of trying to find another place to live that you can afford. As a local small-business owner, it is very hard to find employees, and this type of corporate greed is one of the main reasons. Folks (normal working folks) just cannot afford to live here. As a business owner, I live in what is considered a very slummy part of the valley (translated trailer park). It is all that even I can afford. Pathetic. Re: Wisdom from the Web I have been doing a lot of research over the last year, comparing different cities/town with what we have here in Avon/Vail, kind of like buying a car or making an investment, based on what you get for what you have to spend. Property tax being the first item, utilities, cost of fuel/food, etc., all the way down to the cost of recreation. Wow, what an eye opener! You really, really, really have to WANT to live here. The really bad part was what you in return for the high property taxes here. Basically not much. Wages used to offset the high costs, but not anymore. Colorado also has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. If you like it here, then stay deaf and blind, because otherwise you will be packing your bags. Re: Wisdom from the WebI’ve been a foreman with a local construction company in the valley for over 15 years now. I keep reading how local employers need to stop hiring illegals. There is a problem. In all my years here, the Hispanics being illegal or not, are the only ones we can depend on. I’m sorry to say this, but more Anglos quit the jobs we have for them. I’ve lost track of all the people that have pulled a no-show, no-call on me. The Hispanics are far from lazy, and I think that without them, my job would be much more harder than it already is. So thank you my hard-working AMIGOS. I don’t mind what your status is. As long as you’re a hard worker, you’re a good person in my book. Vail, Colorado

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