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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Should U.S. spread freedom beyond sea to shining sea?Yes re: “We can not control freedom’s way at the ballot box. When we try, freedom degenerates into imperialism.”Re: Wisdom from the WebWho really cares if Hamas does not want to talk to Israel? Neither of these countries care about us. They both burn our flag and trash our president. I say cut off the money and let them fight it out on thier own!Re: Wisdom from the WebExxon has the best year ever! My bills are through the roof and these SOBs are loving it. I guess there’s nothing being done about high gas prices in the Vail Valley for a reason. Does anybody know how to find out which gas stations are linked to Exxon? I would love to put my money elsewere.Re: TipslineYes, illegal immigration must stop in this community. So report them all. Over and over. Even the Eagle County School District just fired an illegal alien employee. No one is exempt by people cheating and breaking the law here. Re: Wisdom from the WebAs a member of the Eagle Valley High School cheerleading squad, I would like to remind readers of how things are often misrepresented when put into an article. The comment made by our coach, in its original context, seemed to say that the coed stunts performed by our all girl squad are mostly seen at a collegiate level. Second of all, the pyramid shown was performed at a school pep-fest in an attempt to elevate student invlvement, not at a competition or game, and most certainly not without employing the correct techniques learned at various college clinics attended by the senior captains who are shown in the picture basing and flying the “collegiate”-level stunt.Re: Huskies grab a pair from Devils at homeYeah, just wait until football season!Re: Wisdom from the WebI don’t get it. The town of Avon has vancant land property taxed at a higher rate than developed property, yet all these entities complain about over development and how they need to levie impact fees to help with emergency services and sewer/water treatment. There are no kids impacting the schools on vacant land, no sewer, no water use, no animal control, nothing. What gives. Is it just another way to extort money out of the public for a fat govenment? Anyone?Re: Letters to the editorNow I get it! Roger Brown is running for office so that he can market his book like he recently did in a letter to the editor. He even told us where we can buy it. If he gets elected, he would probably hope to offer the book for sale at the county as well. How convenient, Roger! Maybe you are more of a capitalist in socialist clothing than we thought. Re: Vote For Pedro … Preston, Pete or PaulWOW that was the rudest (review) I have ever read in my life. There have been far worse acts go through Vail. … Could this hostility towards Efren Ramirez be because he is Hispanic? Just remember who cleans your house, cooks your food and takes the job that you wouldn’t even think of taking here in the United States. ESPECIALLY IN VAIL!!!! BECAUSE VAIL WOULDN’T RUN WITHOUT THE HISPANIC POPULATION.Good for Efren, He’s the one laughing all the way to the bank and good for him he made something of himself. So what if he played second to Napoleon in the hit movie, “Napoleon Dynamite”? Hispanics are coming around and you better put your seat belt on because we’re not going to be the minority anymore and someday you will VOTE FOR PEDRO. …Vail, Colorado

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