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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Fuel abounds for this ideaIt’s too bad, Matt Zalaznick, that Democrat obstructionists have stopped harvesting of the trees by their extreme views on not allowing a single tree to be cut. You can’t run a business or plant if you don’t have a guaranteed supply. Mark Udall talks a big line, but when it comes to passing meaningful legislation he is weak as he caves in to his extremeist environmental friends. Democrats don’t want a solution, they would rather wring their hands and complain. You’re right Matt, but until the regulatory road blocks are removed, it will ust be a good idea. Re: Everyone should breathe easierIsn’t it amazing how the county has changed now that we have two left wing liberals in charge. These two zealots, Menconi and Runyon, are doing their best to restrict our freedoms and put government in control of our lives. Will the county now begin funding abortions now that they are involved in “family planning”? Don’t put it past these two. The Vail Daily should begin to ask tough questions instead of giving Menconi and Runyon a free ride to operate behind closed doors.Re: A second-rate stuntIt’s much too long to read carefully. I’m sure that it’s full of meaningless statistics and hyperbole. What a disappointment Menconi is. Instead of trying to accomplish something meaningful, he wastes our time and money on safe bets and worthless efforts like the moratorium. …Re: Hickenlooper’s out … is Gary still in?Gary Lindstrom running for office is nothing but a cheap political stunt. There is no way he can raise the money necessary, he has no name I.D. and his stands are so far out of the mainstream, that you would think he lives in a socialist country. …Re: TipslineI read the following statement in a Tipsline date Feb. 9: “One parent in the paper commented that she doesn’t want to send her kids to Avon Elementary because Avon just wants to fix their numbers. I’m a teacher at Avon elementary and have no desire to fix our numbers.”I hate to be the bearer of bad news, so I will let Scott Miller do it. Here is a quote from an article he wrote for the Vail Daily on March 8, 2005: “Perhaps the hardest part of the shuffling is trying to achieve what district officials call “demographic balance” in the schools, which means trying to balance out the numbers of white and Hispanic students.In the upper valley, more than 60 percent of all students are Hispanic. But Avon Elementary is nearly 80 percent Hispanic. Edwards Elementary is more than 70 percent Hispanic. A similar proportion of white kids attend Red Sandstone Elementary School in Vail . … Trying to better balance those numbers has district officials looking at the one constant between all four of the options: shifting elementary school boundaries.”This teacher Tipsliner also wondered how anyone could question Avon Elementary School’s commitment to curriculum. I have no doubt the teachers are committed. What I doubt is the effectiveness of the curriculum they are committed to. According to CSAP results in 2005, the curriculum is not working, even though the teachers are completely committed. Here are a few statistics from the 2005 CSAP results: In writing the percent of students not proficient are: 3rd grade, 68 percent; 4th grade, 66 percent; 5th grade, 61 percent. In math the percent of students not proficient are: 3rd, 57 percent; 4th , 45 percent; 5th, 46 percent. This issue has nothing to do with teacher commitment. It has to do with teacher effectiveness in delivering the mandated curricula. And since the teachers are committed, it makes sense that the chosen curricula are not effective for the enrolled students. I’m sure if the teachers were effective in raising achievement, students would be flocking to this school.Vail, Colorado

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