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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineRe: “Needs help” and “It’s quite apparent she (Joyce Mack, county assessor) can’t handle the job herself. …” To this I must ask, it is quite apparent to whom exactly? It isn’t “quite apparent” to me.Second question: are you a disgruntled past or present employee? Or just jealous of her? Because it sure sounds like you are one or the other here… H.M.Re: Letters to the editorYou are right Mr. McCalden. We should let the terrorists strike here again. It will most likely be in New York or Los Angeles. Those two areas are predominately liberal, so that’s all we have to lose are whiney liberals like you. This could be natural selection at its finest!Re: Big boxes open after gas leakI am a relative of both a Home Depot employee and a Wal-Mart employee. These gas leaks were there for over a week and they still had there employees at the stores. They evacuated the employees at Home Depot for only about an hour or so and then had them return back to work. They did, however, have enough concern for their customers to not let them back in until Thursday, when the leaks were fixed and all was safe. Even though the gas was turned off, there was still potential danger for the employees. It’s called fumes and it is flamable! I am glad that Wal-Mart and Home Depot have concern for the customers and their saftey, but what about their employees? These employees were called back into work while the buildings were still filled with fumes. I don’t think these people should have been called back into work until it was safe for all people to be there, customers and employees alike. Thank you for letting me speak.Re: Answerland – Chair 5 on Vail MountainIt’s the rubber that goes between the wheel and the cable. If it’s too cold it’s more rigid and the cable can slip under load.Re: Unease on the rangeYou have to be kidding me! Susan Nottingham states that there were fewer deer and elk on her property when her grandfather homesteaded the land. Gee, do you think that maybe the fact that all the ranchers shot every last grizzly and wolf in the state might have something to do with that? Of course the herds were smaller. Mother Nature was doing her job. Top-tier predators were culling the weak and slow animals. Now we have hunters killing all the strong, healthy, trophy bulls and bucks. No wonder disease is rampant in our present day mega-herds. One thing is certain. The Colorado River Valley from Dotsero to Burns will one day be cluttered with McMansions and only photos of the old ranches will remain, hung with care in the clubhouses of the newly built golf courses.Re: Unease on the rangeIt’s interesting that Peter Runyon admits that his wildlife regulations have nothing to do with wildlife. This is all about stealing people’s private property rights. How can this be legal? Then he goes on to essentially say, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” Any time you hear that from a politician, it’s time to run! …Re: Wisdom from the WebHi again, this is the foreman from the valley. Do you know it’s hard enough to keep up with these fat greedy Vail power builders. Real estate offices have doubled and local companys are just trying to stay afloat. Would you rather have an out-of-state builder come in and take local jobs? These positions are filled by south-of-the-border workers, legal or not, because without them, we are short handed. So by all meens, if you need a job, come on down. EVERY single costruction company is hiring. We do need workers who will stick to the jobs, though. Vail, Colorado

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