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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: If you want to help families …So it is just “hate” filled rhetoric to you. Why? Although I’m in the category of “I don’t care,” I do get a little annoyed by authors of the numerous columns very liberal use of the word “hate.” For some religious faithful the idea of acknowledging gay marriage is morally repugnant. Probably even more repugnant than second-hand smoke is to the anti-smoking types. So does that mean they “hate” gays and lesbians? I don’t know, to tell the truth, and I am willing to bet neither do you. But it sure did not stop you from calling them “hate-fueled.” And to let you in on a secret, now this is just between me and you, being Christian does not really mean that you have to bypass your morals and accept what you deem a moral flaw in others. Keep that under your hat please; would “hate” for that to get out. I realize that anti-smokers “hate” me since I smoke, and those who want to stop all development “hate” developers, but then again they must not be Christians, either, since they “hate” so much. Oh and I really liked your sarcasm throughout the commentary. Now I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m guessing you don’t like Coloradoans For Marriage, or is it that you “hate” them? Ed LowreyRe: Our classic dilemmaHow would you like it, Don Rogers, if government came and seized the use of your back yard and your house so that wildlife has more room to roam? I’m sure that it wouldn’t bother you, would it? You would still own the property. You just wouldn’t be able to live there. The choice I’m sure would be clear to you that it would be for the greater good. Show us that you are a man of conviction, Don, and put a conservation easement on your house and yard today! Re: What were you thinking?I know what she was thinking, what all snowboarders think, flash over substance always. Then come the excuses, never their fault. It’s the world’s fault.Re: A lot of smokeI haven’t seen Chris Salmon’s name on a lot of epidemiological reports lately, nor an MPH after his name, so his simplistic mischaracterizations of epidemiologic procedures must be right! What hogwash. It’s extremely unlikely he himself read the EPA report and then came up with these torturous cavils by himself. They so neatly parrot the ravings of pro-tobacco Web sites.Rather than take the word of lunatic letter writers who can regurgitate whatever they can copy-and-paste off some Web site, I think I’ll rely on the findings of normal, everyday, peer-reviewed scientists publishing their own work in the open literature.The only people who are still fighting the science of secondhand smoke are some (not all) tobacco companies, and a few poor souls sadly deluded by them.Re: Coming Up on Vaildaily.comI can’t WAIT to read all these great stories! Thanks for letting us know about this!Re: Crossing guard held on criminal chargesI call this type of article a public notification of a homeland security BREACH of security. Tough if her family didn’t want people to know she BROKE THE LAW! We didn’t! The news paper didn’t! She alone did!

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