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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Hispanic students lag behind classmatesWe do not need to reinvent the wheel for this situation. There are schools all over the country that are succeeding with low income minority children. Let’s look to them for guidance and try what has worked for them. However, our educators here must be prepared to try some curricula that are very different than balanced literacy (formerly known as whole language reading instruction) and fuzzy math.Re: Wisdom from the WebForeman again. My opinion is my opinion. What I am saying has nothing to do with my employers. Freedom of speech here. Did you forget? I have no idea why you would assume off the bat that I would work for Gallegos or Gould? Do you jump to that conclusion because they have Hispanics on there job sites? That’s your problem, buddy. Every job site does hire employees properly. It’s not until a problem does happen, and that’s when fake identification is recognized. Illegals will not get workers comp from any employers. Do you think any job would pay for a man who is illegal? Illegals leave millions of unclaimed taxes for the government to stash away. Why do you think the government is trying so hard to change immigration laws? They love hard workers who give up more money than they take. It’s what keeps growing towns growing. Do you want to get me fired because I said a Hispanic works harder than any other employee? This is something our government is well aware of. If you forgot, I said without them my job would be impossible. Thanks again. The foreman and not the employer.Re: John Mayer Trio attacks The Zephyr like ‘Vultures’So glad to see the JM3 song at the top of your list. I saw their concert and, although I’ve always been a John Mayer fan, I LOVE the new blues stuff. Doesn’t seem many radio stations are giving the new live CD a chance, though. I think it would be popular in the mainstream. Maybe after the studio album is out this live CD will get more play, as well. Thanks for playing it and helping to make it big! RAFRe: TipslineLeave it up to our two Liberal Democrat County Commissioners to find new ways to tax us. Why should we be paying to take care of national forest land? If this owned by the federal government, then they should be taking care of it. Why is Runyon always looking for ways to spend our money on stupid things like beetles? Here’s an idea for you, Peter. Give it back to us!Re: At last – league champs… The boys deserve all the publicity they can get. They all worked very hard, especially the seniors. I so happy for them in a special way, since I am the grandmother of Derek Rush. Vail, Colorado

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