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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Willy Wonka dreamingWhat a great article! I could see the excitement of the race! I can’t wait to read more articles from Liz!Re: Letters to the editorIn regard to Roger Brown’s suggestion to build a gondola from Vail to Beaver Creek: Roger, you just lost all credibility as a county commissioner candidate. Anyone that thought they knew you were shocked that you would think a gondola over what’s left of wilderness between the two areas would be a good idea. That idea was nixed several years ago due to the threat to both elk and lynx habitat, a fact you must have forgotten. Or have you flip flopped into a candidate searching for Minturn/Vail votes at any cost? How can you present yourself as an environmentalist and come up with that sort of nonsense just to resolve Minturn’s financial woes and Vail’s parking problems?You have opened real speculation about who you are today and how you would vote as a commissioner. Also, even before reading your letter, I have felt very strongly that you should do the right thing and withdraw from the race as, once again, an independent spoiler. We have all too often seen two good candidates lose simply because they split the votes. Be the bigger person, Roger, and bow out gracefully because you just lost yourself a lot of votes.Re: Beware ECSD, the Ides of MarchI agree completely with Elizabeth Chicoine. I think she has a great perspective on the school district’s problems. However, if her children were younger, just starting kindergarten and not secure in the Vail Mountain School, would she feel confident as a parent putting her children in the Eagle County School District? Don’t you think as parents it is our duty to look at other alternatives? If “looking elsewhere” is going to give my children the best possible chance at an education, you can be sure I will look outside the district.Re: Z Blog: No habla espanol!I wrote that comment regarding voters not speaking our language (and again, they MUST if they are legally here). And I speak Spanish (sparingly any more, lack of practice, been out of school too long now). My children are fluent in Spanish, which I paid for (for several years!). NOT the school district or feds. And I have no desire to use MY tax dollars to aid those who are too lazy (and unlawful in their actions) to bother entering this country legally, people too lazy (or arrogant) to learn the language of this country (Hint: ENGLISH).If you don’t like American laws, dear Matt Z., then please leave. I know (for a fact; I go to them) the South American countries are beautiful. Why don’t you go live there? Re: Bar owners doubt the ‘don’t worry’ messageI wonder if these bar owners ever asked themselves how many MORE customers they might have if the majority of the population (those who don’t smoke) didn’t have to worry about being seated next to smokers?Re: Cash, crowds may accompany private resortLocals living in Minturn? Sure, maybe if you bought your home in 1974. The cheapest home on the market, according to the MLS, is $655,000. The service industry employees will be fortunate if they can find a place in Leadville or New Castle. Of course, there are always the trailer parks, until another developer buys the land and clears them out too. Oh, and the thought of these multi-millionaires stopping in Minturn to shop is hilarious. The Escalades won’t stop until they are safely inside the gates of Bachelor Gulch for their 7:30 dinner reservation. I can’t wait to see this swimming pool that Minturn will get in return for selling their souls.Re: Medical adventure takes Aspen man to ChinaHow come he doesn’t carry major medical only, a cheap alternative to health plan coverage? Or didn’t, that is. Now he will not be able to GET any insurance!Re: Beware ECSD, the Ides of MarchWhat a great column. I can’t wait to see it in the paper. Maybe the school district will pick up a paper this day. Lynnette Miscio.Editor’s note: The commentary ran in the paper Saturday.Vail, Colorado

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