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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebRe: Article on Minturn Feb. 26: It would be nice if the Vail Daily would actually do some reporting on the proposed Ginn project. Instead, you seem to get a press release from your former cohort Cliff Thompson talking up how great Ginn’s project will be for everyone involved. Then you speak with Ann “I am so far into Ginn’s pockets” Capela and one business owner, all of whom extol the virtues of this project.Why doesn’t J.K. Perry talk to people who are less than thrilled with the idea of rampant growth, destruction of environments, increased traffic and breaking down of the local atmosphere? It is not very hard to find residents who are opposed to Ginn’s project. “New residents and visitors traveling through Minturn will create added traffic on Highway 24, but they will also check out local businesses, the study shows.” Study commissioned by Ginn, I assume. Side note: Businesses that actually interest locals and tourists alike seem to be thriving (JB’s Barbeque, Holy Toledo, Shop & Hop, Mountain Peddler …).It states in the article that in the future Ginn will release traffic studies. Why isn’t the town/county/state conducting THEIR own traffic studies? Could it be because the results are not what Bobby Ginn will want to hear? Highway 24 is already a danger, add to it 1,700 or more oversized SUVs, construction equipment and trucks and accidents will increase, not to mention the commute time, wear and tear on roads and potential for serious injury.The town of Minturn is being blindsided by the very idea of new sewers, better parks, an amphitheater and an INDOOR POOL, yay! If there will be 850 new employees, where will they live? Will they vie for the already sold-out Miller Ranch? Certainly they cannot afford to live in Minturn where the cheapest house on the market is listed at $655,000, with some more than a million dollars. But this does not concern Capela. “The economy will do what the economy will do,” says Capela. I am sure relieved she can help approve such a project that will destroy small town Minturn, but do nothing to take care of the local working class. “The study says “the extent to which their employment income affects the town of Minturn will depend on the local housing opportunities.” Once again the town is not setting any parameters, and Capela, in her infinite wisdom, thinks the workers will live in Minturn, Eagle County, Leadville or depending on housing availability and what they can afford. If Ginn is approved to build 1,700 homes (and I hope he is NOT), make him build affordable housing for the workers, too, the ones who will rake in $12 an hour.It’s very disheartening to see that those who were elected or are supposed to be representing the needs of everyone do not have the ability to be subjective, nor the vision to keep one of the last small towns in Eagle County a small town, nor the tenacity to say no to a developer who is wooing everyone with promises. 1700 homes are TOO many.COME ON, Minturn, stop rolling over for Ginn. And come on, Vail Daily, do some actual reporting. Re: 2 boys, 2 chairlift accidents, 2 daysIn January, I got to experience a similar accident at Snowmass. The lifties didn’t have a clue, but a group of skiers worked together to take a worn-out blue tarp from on top of a snowblower to make a landing platform for this 7-to 10-year-old girl. Ski patrol showed up in time to help hold the tarp. She ended up safe and sound. Hard to believe this is rare.Re: Blinky, burgers and the beachI worked at Arrowhead in its years of infancy in the late-’80s-early ’90s, before VRI. In the days when guys like Circle Seibert, Mike Woods, Mark “Hollywood” Isgrig, Todd Wallick (me) and others in a colorful cast of characters ran the joint. Blinky Burgers was a lunch time staple for the crew, as well as the guests. I can still feel the blistering downvalley sun on my face, the slush around my feet and smell those babies cooking. Haven’t been around those parts in almost 13 years. I can hear the spring snow and smell that sizzling beef callin’ my name! S.J.H. AspenRe: Letters to the editorThank you, Mikki Futernick, for so eloquently stating the sad state of affairs that exists in America, and the world, today. The completely one-sided view of the whole Muslim cartoon debate is unbelievable. We have cowed to the wishes of radical Islam, while in many Middle Eastern countries today, cartoons depicting Jews and Christians in particularly unflattering and stereotypical ways, is the norm. The stereotype and myth of the blood libel of the Jews (that Jews make matzoh out of the blood of Christians), which had begun to fade from the world scene, has now been picked up whole-heartedly by many Muslim countries and translated to suit their purposes (that Jews make matzoh out of the blood of Muslims). Cartoons have been created showing the most awful depiction of Jews, cutting the throats of Muslims to make matzoh. The fact that cartoons of this nature can be shown in Saudi Arabian newspapers, but cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed are suppressed in America, the land of free speech, truly marks a sad day for our country.Re: Valley gets 30 new turkeysHave you noticed that part of the bird flu problem in Europe concerns turkeys. It might be interesting to look into whatever plans may have been made for dealing with bird flu in wild birds in the Vail Valley when the wild birds here become infected, which is inevitable.Vail, Colorado

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