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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: New CEO speaks to employeesAh, and the corporate wheels roll on again, crushing the bones of the faithful beneath them. George Gillett, if we could only turn back time, eh?Re: New CEO speaks to employeesRick Smith, you will be missed. I cannot imagine going through an organizational change this large without someone you trust in a critical HR role.Re: Vail Resorts relocating corporate offices to DenverWell spoken. I could not agree more. The community should be outraged about this decision. Re: New CEO speaks to employeesMr. Katz has obviously missed the point of why these employees live here. They have made a lifestyle choice. A choice that does not include living in a city. To be faced with this decision would be extremely difficult. Re: Letters to the editorMikki, “the American press” did not just “surrender” to radical Islam, many of its members are aiding and abetting our nation’s enemies! The mainstream media goes out of its way to report any stories that place the USA in a negative light, even if that story requires fabricating evidence. Those same media outlets are very resistant to publish any positive news about their own country, yet they claim the moral high ground of journalistic integrity. In reality they are nothing more than hypocritical traitors.Re: Vail Resorts relocating corporate offices to DenverHaving met Alex Miller and known so many VRI seasons employees, I know he will keep up the EXCELLENT coverage given this topic. It is, as the posters in here say, a huge deal. I blame Kobe Bryant. just kidding.True, no financial reasons or bottom line advantages were cited by Mr. Katz, and indeed, once Mr. Miller is able to find an accurate assessment of what this move will cost VRI (With the re-outfit of new space, we can only assume now it will be in the millions? Tens of millions? Not sure about this), it should be fascinating to see the report on how long it will take VRI to recoup those expenses, or if they ever will. It’d be fun to be in there negotiating your moving package, “Let’s see, what color will my daily limousine be?”But at the same time, Mr. Katz points to one thing that is critical: VRI corporate is not a mountain operations entity, with Rockresorts and other investments. It is more and more a lodging entity, and we have all hear rumors that they are dating Destination Hotels and Gaylord and all the other huge corps that may someday buy them or propose a merger.This is also important: The operations of the resorts will remain with Mr. Jensen and Mr. McCarthy, and in the end, the spirit and atmosphere of the mountain end of things will still remain. It may be much better, in fact. These are smart guys, they bleed alpine blood. It’d be very strange to hear that they were not interested in keeping certain people up here for their own uses if the talents and personalities were right. One thing living in this valley taught us, you can trust those two, they shoot straight. Wall Street guys are Wall Street guys, but ops directors were once one of us. Line for line, they can outswear anyone from Apollo, could you imagine Mr. Katz chewing out a lift operator? He couldn’t even come close to the fear those two can bring. But they also bring a real pride. Working for their hills is a cool thing.For those who were working in the Seasons, it’s probable they knew as well as anyone knew how far removed they had become from the alpine experience. A lot of us worked there over the years and had to get out. It wasn’t the direction we wanted our careers to go, and the sacrifice of money for being in boots was a welcome trade.Sometimes people just need a little push to get them going in the direction they already knew they wanted to be going. Or, if they are talented and have corporate ambitions, the move to Denver might be the thing that catapults them into the big leagues. Maybe put in a year and drop your resume off at the Avalanche offices. Get us some scoring again, maybe another lock down a defender.Jobs are not a marriage. We sometimes get to feel that way. They are a choice, and it’s not wrong to choose not to stay with one.It might be the best decision you could make.Or it could be a huge bummer of a mistake. But who knows? At least life is interesting, nothing is guaranteed, and to be honest, none of us know for sure what happened to Adam A., or Andy D., John R., Hank T., bunches of others. Rugs are just never nailed down anymore.Vail, Coloraod

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