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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Locals see progress, a few lost friendsIt will be an economic hit to the valley, we are losing the corporate offices of our most important/largest company in the valley. Restaurants and lodging will see it and we are losing many high paying jobs and gaining many low paying jobs.Plus with marketing going to the Front Range we will see a downward spiral of new people in that department who simply don’t have a clue about our valley!Re: What is the most important issue facing Eagle County today?Affluenza – being priced right out of our own valley!Re: Vail Resorts relocating corporate offices to DenverIn general, at least what I have heard, is that yes, we are all outraged.Re: Vail Resorts relocating corporate offices to DenverI think it’s extremely interesting that even Vail Resorts cannot afford to live here. How do they expect to staff their resort when rent is astronomical as it is? Then they renovate us to make us into Beaver Creek and make real estate go above and beyond reasonable. What if I love it here? What if I want to buy a house here? Not everyone is a billionaire, and if my job is supposed to be “the best part of my day” (as is said on skijob1.com) then shouldn’t my job pay my rent (instead of my jobs)? In a recent trip to Heavenly, I discovered that Vail Resorts is a much-hated company, for doing the same thing to Lake Tahoe. Just thought you should know, and share this with the “good people” at Vail Resorts. Re: The Government Knows Best ActCompletely fed up with Menconi and Runyon? Then we should do what ever we can to fire them. The only ways to do this are by electing replacements, coordinating a very loud public outcry challenging their actions, or by proving their actions are illegal. Unfortunately, ignorance knows no bounds. Too many dimwitted voters are untouched by the commissioner’s actions, fail to comprehend the ramifications of those actions, and they seem to actually like what the commissioners are doing. Freedom and liberty be damned.Re: Letters to the editorIn his recent letter, “What we do,” Brandon Beaudette addresses yet another example of Matt Zalaznick’s ignorance. “Oversimplifictions” are the least of Zalaznick’s faults. He consistently relies on misinformation and lies as the basis for his columns, and never misses an opportunity to Bush-bash. His writing is poor, his journalistic integrity completely absent, and he refuses to learn anything that may contradict his preferred version of reality. Zalaznick needs to be replaced.Re: What is the most important issue facing Eagle County todayThe most important issue is whether or not we will retain our private property rights or whether Menconi and Runyon will take them.Re: What is the most important issue facing Eagle County todayHow about adding another choice: too much development!I’d be curious what the “other” votes represent. Traffic? Pollution? Salaries/wages? Affordability?Re: Wisdom from the WebOur commentator says immigrants who have failed to learn English are “arrogant” or “lazy.”Then he/she professes to have travelled extensively to Latin America and paid hard-earned money for his/her children to learn Spanish.Interesting and somewhat doubtful claims, the latter.Any of the hardworking Spanish speakers I know labor long hours, work several jobs and/or care for children and family members working the same, so that English lessons for many of them demand the luxury of time they don’t have.Interesting, that the people who are the backbone of this valley’s economic success receive such compassionate and knowledgeable judgment.Perhaps the words “lazy” and “arrogant” instead might be applied to our commentator, who shows such little knowledge of the challenges facing people who come here seeking a better way of life for their families and themselves. Re: Udall staffer Gibbs eyes Lindstrom’s seatThis is all we need is another Arn Menconi look alike in Dan Gibbs. The liberals are taking over. If Dan Gibbs gets elected be prepared for more government, bigger government and higher taxes. What will the Democrats think of next?Re: Vail Resorts relocating corporate offices to DenverAfter having lived here for more than six months and attempting to adjust to the “shock” of all the high prices, (this is evident because of the multiple jobs people must have to make ends meet), it is no wonder that Vail Resorts are moving their HQ to Denver. Even they themselves cannot afford the prices they have created!Re: Udall staffer Gibbs eyes Lindstrom’s seatYounger voters who have shown very low turnout in the last elections might be energized by a vibrant candidate who is concerned about their issues, as well as the issues of all citizens in the House district. As a comment in response to the last post, the issue is not “more” government, but rather “better” government; government that will be inclusive and serve the diversity of people in this district of Lake, Eagle and Summit Counties. Dan Gibbs has the thoughtfulness, bipartisanship and work ethic to be extremely effective for us.

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