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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorSen. Jack Taylor, you have my complete support. Menconi, Wolfe and Sackbauer are not representing the interests of the majority of people who live in our community. The proposed white water park (where RICDs are desired) is a complete waste of taxpayer money (it only benefits a small special interest group) and will not improve the quality of life for the taxpayer at large, not to mention it puts us in direct competition with other communitues in Colorado.Re: College honors two teachersI was delighted to read of the honor given to Sarah Smith, a Spanish professor at CMC. I have been one of her students, now for the third semester. Her understanding of adult learners and her ability to encourage us in the acquisition of a new language have been inspirational. Congratulations, Profesora Smith!Re: Wisdom from the WebIt’s interesting to talk about Ginn providing worker housing, but what about Vail? Vail has done almost nothing about providing affordable housing. If they provide housing for 15 percent of their workers, it would be a big surprise. No, they count on Gypsum and Leadville to take care of their housing needs. The Vail Town Council is pathetic.Re: Letters to the editorI second the comment supporting Sen. Taylor (R) and his efforts regarding RICDs. Rep. Curry (a Democrat)should also be commended. It’s time for a change on our water boards. Replace Menconi. Debbie Buckley will have a much more balanced approach.Re: Residents say Roost proposal too highLet’s not lose the charm of West Vail by allowing people to come in and over-develop it. If this passes, what’s going to stop others from coming in and doing the same thing? Re: TipslineThis is the second comment I’ve seen in Tipsline about “snowboarders coming down Lionshead in Minturn.” Is the caller talking about the Minturn Mile? Or were the riders really up to something more devious? It’s been said over and over again in the paper, by quoting the U.S. Forest Service, that it is most certainly not illegal to snowboard/ski out of ski area boundaries on Forest Service land. The Minturn Mile is a fun tradition and some great turns. Besides, while they may be in the area, I’ve never seen an elk while doing the mile. I think you’re just jealous you can’t ski well enough to go into the backcountry.Re: Vail Resorts relocation a wake-up callThis had to be the most long-winded column that states what veryone already knows. With Don Cohen around, we should be concerned about global warming. Of course it’s financially good for Vail Resorts. Don seems to believe that it’s good for the valley because he doesn’t want anymore jobs related to the tourist industry. Wake up Cohen! We are a tourist community. Where did you come from anyway?Re: Not ideal but necessary, council saysOnce again, the Avon Town Council shows what a bunch of gutless wonders they are. They can refuse development unless it is ideal. Nothing forces them to accept a less that perfect deal except for their own self interest. What made you cave in to incentives to the developer? They weren’t going anywhere else. …Re: Avon cop overreacted at schoolFinally a responsibly written column from M.Z. My hat’s off to you.Vail, Colorado

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