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Re: TipslineNo one died. It was a public sporting event covered by the media at the behest of the very same public (the Vail Daily published such requests not so long ago). The offending photo captured the heartfelt emotions of a player and his expression of love for his mother. There is no shame in either and no reason to be embarrassed by it. Besides, the girls will like that he hugs his mother!Re: ‘Eagle River Preserve’ won’t open until ’07I heard that the Vail Valley Foundation is still raising money to reimburse people for the purchase. What happened to the commitment to also raise money for making it something other than a gravel pit? This is the gift that keeps on taking. Thanks a lot Arn, Peter and Harry!Re: ‘Eagle River Preserve’ won’t open until ’07$12 million. Over spent the county budget by millions. Won’t be ready till 2007 at the earliest.How much more money is this taxpayer boondoggle going to cost us?Menconi, Runyon, you voted for this?Menconi, Runyon YOU’RE FIRED!Re: Hardly a shillDear Chris Salmon: My name is Albert J. Benson, who you will see as an author of one of the stories on our SAFE Web page, which I mention in my article here. Since we only deal in truth, I am not afraid to sign my name. Your letter asks for proof, essentially, that second hand smoke is harmful. Well, we have that kind of proof; if you do a google search on SAFE, Smokefree Air For Everyone, you will find stories from a number of people who have been egregiously harmed, yes, even to the point of being life threatening. …Re: Teachers and students benefit from CSAPI find it interesting Mr. Cerny, that you are supporting the Eagle County School District Administration, your charter’s authorizer, and the performance of Superintendent John Brendza. You state that Mr. Brendza “is sacrificing major chunks of time with his own.” Excuse me, but isn’t that his job that the taxpayers of Eagle County and the State of Colorado pay him $130,000 per year plus bonuses, to perform? I have an idea, why not subject Mr. Brendza and his administrative staff to the guidelines of the TAP program and have the parents of the district perform the role of master teacher and local principal on them? We are the only district in the western United States using this performance pay system. Why? And when it comes to the CSAP scores at your own charter school, we know they are the highest in the district, but please let the rest of the community know that your public school is 98 percent Anglo, in a district with a 52 percent Hispanic student population.Re: Critic wants students to skip CSAPMr. Harakal: You’re right about the schools losing funds if they get the zeros on the CSAP, and you’re right about the schools becoming weak enough for reform as a result of that. But did you stop to think about the kids at all? I don’t know how old your kids are but even if they were just starting to take the CSAP this year, then by the time the schools funds were as low as you’d like them to be, they would be more than half way done with school anyways. And did you consider at all, that while the schools were getting less and less funding, you would be screwing ALL the kids currently enrolled over? Maybe you’re under the impression that things have to get worse before they get better. In that case, it’s your opinion, but I STRONGLY disagree with it. An Eagle County studentRe: Wisdom from the WebIt does not get recognized that there are many, if not most, illegal immigrants who file fake Social Security numbers and pay taxes via their employers. the immigrants do not submit for a refund for obvious reasons. So there are millions, if not billions, of dollars in refunds to these illegal immigrants which they do not file for. Instead this money goes back into our treasury and then gets dispensed all over the U.S. via our federal budget for all kinds of services which benefit you and me, which is what I meant by the word “subsidized.”Immigrants also pay property taxes, which are calculated in with their rents, for example, at the Edwards trailer park and condos in Edwards and all over the valley. It would be a very poor landlord as a businessman who would not calculate property taxes in with rent.And of course, there are sales taxes. As you know, all these taxes go for a variety of stuff like local schools, road upkeep, water and sanitation, etc., which are services for all of us.Also, illegal immigrants who do ask for and receive free services are doing so in part because of the money their employers save by hiring them, and paying them a wage which is not livable.Re: Bonds whiffs at this strikeA couple of points on the Barry Bonds post. First, nothing he is accused of doing was illegal or against the rules of baseball when he allegedly did it. Why, then, should there be an asterisk on his records? Second, there is no proof, evidence or studies indicating that steroids are “performance enhancing” in any way, at least as it relates to hitting a baseball. Surely, the primary skill in batting a thrown baseball is hand-eye coordination. Steroids do nothing to assist hand-eye coordination. By no means is strength the only or even a necessary prerequisite of home run hitting. Third, Bonds’s home runs are only part of his spectacular hitting numbers. Other than perhaps Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, no hitter has ever possessed a better batting eye than Bonds, as reflected in his awesome walk totals over the past decade. Obviously, steroids do nothing to improve this skill.Re: Health care ‘still not safe,’ speaker saysThank you Vail Daily for being forthright and covering this epidemic healthcare problem. The statistics weren’t noted in your paper but to loose up to 198,000 lives annually due to medical error is an outrage in the United States. What can we do locally to make certain this doesn’t happen in our community? How can the locals get involved in steering our local healthcare into becoming an safer environment for our families and guests? I read what to do for our own safety, but the overall system needs to change and we need to be able to know that our local healthcare professionals are doing everything in their power to make certain a near miss or adverse event doesn’t happen. Is a community liaison committee being formed to work with the hospital in order to watch over them? Who do we talk to? Re: Teachers and students benefit from CSAPMy child did poorly in some areas of the CSAP one year but the results were too late and after a meeting with the principal, I was told to not worry about the results. I wanted a test that meant something to the teachers, students and parents in assessing a child’s performance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t live here because this is the best place for my child’s education but it is a place where we can find work. I applaud the efforts of parents who boldly step up and question the validity of what we are being force-fed. I’m glad I no longer have children in the public school system here.Re: What is the most important issue facing Eagle County today?Glad to see people who live across the country are so interested in and knowledgeable about problems facing Eagle County.Re: TipslineThe irony of singling out so-called “import cars” as the objectives of our ire is that many of them consist of as many or more American made parts and assemblies as American brands. Furthermore, many “import brands” are actually manufactured right here in the good ole’ USA. I suggest you take a careful look under your hood.Re: Letters to the Editor” ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’ That’s a catchy phrase, but also misleading. Freedom fighters do not need to terrorize a population into submission. Freedom fighters target the military forces and the organized instruments of repression keeping dictatorial regimes in power. Freedom fighters struggle to liberate their citizens from oppression and to establish a form of government that reflects the will of the people. … One has to be blind, ignorant, or simply unwilling to see the truth if he or she is unable to distinguish between those I just described and terrorists.”- Ronald Reagan Re: Health care ‘still not safe,’ speaker saysAs a second-home owner in the valley, I was glad to see the favorable community response to this luncheon. The statistics are mind-boggling. Over 192,000 lives lost each year to medical error. All of us need to spread the word to friends and families that something can – and must – be done. In addition, there were only two members of the medical community who even attended the luncheon. Next time I would hope to see more medical providers and personnel joining in with the public to discuss this issue. They need to be our partners in our healthcare and work with us in the fight to correct these problems.Re: Easy call between road, scholarsDon (Rogers), do you realize that ECSD teachers make more than $30 per hour, principals earn more, and some district administrators in our district earn six-figure salaries? Would you please name some other jobs in this valley where people take home that kind of money per hour? I’m certainly not willing to pour more money into our schools. The average classroom of 28 children generates $280,000. Imagine what a creative business person could do for that group of kids with that kind of money. Our district is cutting back on everything and charging for some services. Individual teachers receive only $500 for an entire year worth of classroom expenses and have to buy their own paper! Let’s see the ECSD get their house in order and produce results first before giving them more money.Re: ‘Green’ building vote delayedGood job, Tom Stone. Thanks for keeping those other two commissioners in line. I just don’t understand why Runyon and Menconi don’t think about the working class and keeping housing affordable.Re: Teachers and students benefit from CSAPWe should have a voucher system that allows us to spend our tax dollars where ever we decide is best for our children. Home schooling is great, but we should not have to pay twice for education. Government schools are not the answer for everyone.Re: Easy call between road, scholarsYours is a typical liberal comment, Don (Rogers), on where to spend our money. When are people going to realize that just throwing money at something does not fix it. All the schools can do is complain and ask for more money. Show us some results first, then ask for more money. If we don’t have good roads Don, how are the kids going to get to school?Vail, Colorado

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