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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Busting our zoning for GinnThis is a truly exciting project that will have a fabulous positive economic impact on the entire region. We appreciate (Andy Wiessner) helping us all to understand how great this development will be. It’s good that Ginn is going to the town of Minturn because those nitwits at the county would probably screw it up. Keep up the good work! Re: Rumanian ensemble features pianist Makiko HirataFine! Congratulations to the pianist.Re: What do the neighbors think about Costco?Hurray for Jan Rosenthal-Townsend. She is so right. Costco will close down many Eagle and Gypsum businesses and change the faces of both communities. The Gypsum grocery store will probably close its doors within one year of Costco. If you think this will not devastate your small businesses, you are sadly mistaken. So just tell those business owners goodbye next time you see them. You are destroying their chances to continue in business. Shame on you, Eagle and Gypsum, for wanting to play with the big boys. Those big boys are going to chew you up and spit you out while you keep wondering why the tax revenues aren’t quite keeping up with the road upkeep, etc., that this box will cost you. You will wonder why folks that work at Costco can’t afford to buy a home in your communities – because no one can afford to live here on Costco or any big box wage. Why do you think Wal-Mart has to have folks drive in from as far away as Denver to work the Avon store? Why do you think you go into Home Depot and cannot find a person working to help you? It practically echoes in there because they cannot find or keep help. Go away Costco. We have too many big boxes already. Re: Costco plans store in GypsumHats off to the town of Gypsum for landing Costco! Their good mayor and council were a lot smarter than Avon. Avon totally gave away 25 years of sales tax to bring in Wal-Mart and Home Depot. By comparison, Gypsum made a much better deal. Now we need something like a Lowe’s building store in Gypsum so that we will not have to deal with the mess in Avon ever again.Re: Costco plans store in GypsumOh mercy, Gypsum officials. What are you thinking? Do you really think that the big box will bring you monetary tax gains? It will cost you and cost you – thus the term Costco, I suppose. Once again, your residents will be bombarded with lots of job opportunities at wages that are less than what is necessary to live in our expensive valley. It will dumb down the wages in the area. It will also close down your local small businesses. Your grocery store will probably end up closing within a year. Big boxes are such a detriment to your community. I am so sorry to see this happen. I am sorry for all the small businesses in Gypsum and Eagle. This will send out the mom-and-pop stores and line the pockets of the big corporations. The big boxes in Avon should be enough to send you all running the other way from big boxes. They devastate small communities and give very little back to the community. Re: Busting our zoning for GinnI only read the first part of your commentary about the new Ginn development Andy Wiessner, and that was all I needed to be convinced that this is just the shot in the arm that Eagle County needs. The property tax alone will help us all to build needed improvements and maintain a healthy community.Re: Don’t worry about my mojo, OsamaMaybe these fanatics as you call them simply believe in tradition and the Bible. Just a thought here.Re: Costco plans store in GypsumYay! I have driven to Denver for 12 years now to Costco.Re: Journey to the Lift StudioStephen, Your painting was beautiful. It is a joy to find such caring person in this world who contributes to the cause of Tibet in every little ways. Thank you, Tsering ElmbladVail, Colorado

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