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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments: Re: Don’t worry about my mojo, OsamaMatt Zalaznick, it’s really fascinating to see your hatred of Christianity and anything “conservative” right out there in print, along with such a vivid sense of right and wrong. You, who have blasted Christians for “hating gays,” etc., seem to harbor quite a bit of hatred yourself. Come now, do you really think that all conservative Christians fit the shoe-box stereotype you’ve outlined? Do you just grab the biggest brush in your box in order to paint us into a hypothetical corner?Maybe it’s time to remind you that Christianity is actually Jewish at its core. We Christians are, most of us, just gentiles who worship the Jewish messiah. Yes, that’s right, Jesus was Jewish, and though rejected by the Jewish religious right of his day, he fulfilled every one of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah.Anyway, it is Jewish law, as found in the Talmud, which condemns homosexuality and witchcraft.Perhaps it’s because I lean toward supporting the weak and the unprotected and the underdog, but I am a Christian who hates the idea of abortion as birth-control. (The unborn are somehow not human just because we can’t see them? Go ahead and try that one on your average expectant mother, and read Psalm139.)I am a Christian who loves the ethnic diversity of the population here in the valley. If I were living in a Third World country, I would be trying to get to this country myself, in order to live in a democracy, to be able to make a decent living and to have the fundamental freedoms we enjoy. As for illegal immigration – remember the rule in the Old Testament where God’s law required farmers to leave a certain amount of their harvest behind for the foreigners and strangers to glean? (Blessed are the merciful …)I love nature, and I try to be as eco-friendly as possible – not to preserve property values, but precisely because I believe that this world is part of a creation, given to us by a creator, and that good stewardship is required of me. So I don’t drive a gas-guzzling SUV, and I don’t throw trash on the side of the road, and I don’t rattle other car windows with loud, annoying music, or think it’s fun to chase starving elk on a snowboard or to shoot them for sport. I think there are a lot of us out there. Just followers of the Judeo-Christian God who are quietly trying to live according to his ways and cognizant that there will someday be a reckoning, where I will be called to give an account for my life. One of the teachings of Jesus is that you would know lovers of God by the fruit of their lives, not just by the words of their mouth.So rest assured, Pat Robertson and Jack Abramoff and Claude Allen, as well as Osama and the ayatollahs and all bomb-builders and pornographers and rapists and molesters and con-artists and corporate thieves, will someday be made to give an account. You see, it is your very sense of moral indignation, Matt, that helps confirm my world view as a Christian. It is that vivid sense of right and wrong that is sure evidence that we humans are not just some biological hiccup of evolution which has somehow risen higher and become more noble than the supposedly mindless universe from whence it came. W.H.Re: Second call for CSAP boycottI am wondering what exactly this man is really trying to accomplish. If parents keep their kids out of CSAP, the funding for the school is less and therefore the schools will be able to do less and provide less to all students. It is kind of like a stranger coming up to you on the street and saying that he would really like to see you make education better by taking away their funding. It is ridiculous. This man obviously has an ax to grind and issues against the down-valley schools that he is unable to get worked out, so he is now trying to just do malicious damage. If he is that disgruntled, there are many educational options for him to pursue rather than attempting to dismantle the public school he is angry with. Why not home-school, or get a scholarship to a Christian or private area school? This gentleman only has 12 folks that are also disgruntled and angry that have joined him – that says a lot about how many folks are feeling OK about the public schools. One dozen. Sounds like a mass uprising to me! Sounds more like a vengeful and angry man trying to hurt our kids education by de-funding the schools. The schools won’t be held accountable by this CSAP “boycott.” My children and your children will be hurt. There will be less money for books, reduced lunches, janitors, teachers aids, copy paper, even paper towels. That is the bottom line here!! Let’s not fall for this silly stunt. By the way, I am not associated in any way with the public schools other than having kids attending a number of the local schools. I have home-schooled, had kids attend The Charter School, also the public elementary schools and the public high schools. I have used many of our educational options and been well served by them all. …Vail, Colorado

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