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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: What progress looks likeJonathan Staufer’s comment on “What progress looks like” is almost on target. The real infection here is the constant outsourcing of our sense of community to people who don’t live here, and have no connection to the Valley other than their right to use our time-shares one week a year. As long as Vail and Avon insist on selling their core real estate to people who don’t live here, our valley won’t be a good place for the rest of us to live in either.Re: Pickup strikes, kills woman in Eagle-VailI am sorry, but it seems a bit disrespectful to have put the huge picture of this wrecked truck on the front page in light of the life that was lost. While I agree it is a big story, given the size of the community and the fact that both the driver and victim were locals, it struck me as odd that the Daily would put such a picture on the front page to move more papers.Re: Are you satisfied with the decision on Crossroads?Who cares about Crossroads? Who cares about Vail? Vail is no longer the center of the universe for Eagle County; 75 percent of the people who work in Vail don’t live in Vail. The locals, who mostly live downvalley, don’t really care about this decision.Re: Aspen gets serious about ‘Canary’ planToo bad Aspen’s “canaries” are private jets that create most of the pollution. It is amazing to me that a place built on profligate waste has the cluelessness to describe what they are going to do about it. I’m sure the best ideas will be based on the little people riding some bus in a sardine-like manner, while the rich (in money, not spirit) fly their jets in and out of town, puking their filth as they entertain their privileged lives. I fully expect the business class of Aspen to accommodate the rich, much as worker bees tend to the queen bee at the expense in some cases of their lives. Drone on, people.Re: Immigration’s thorny issuesDear Butch: If you haven’t already, please learn Spanish and then tell me how easy it really is to master another language. Best of luck.Re: Valley rallies to save Rumanian eyesightGod bless you, and for keeping your head up. You will be OK. There are many good people in this valley. Re: Smith will challenge for county assessorI look forward to voting for a new assessor with knowledge and confidence, something the incumbent assessor lacks.Re: Letters to the editor”The agreement guarantees operation of all the public amenities, including the plaza, ice rink, movie theatres and bowling alley, FOREVER, or the town can collect penalties of more than $4 million per year from the developer.” So says Domenic Mauriello.Would Mr. Mauriello care to explain how the town will collect such penalties FOREVER (or ever), if/when the developer’s company ceases to exist, either through bankruptcy or voluntary liquidation? D. Cordes, VailRe: Just the facts – CrossroadsI am glad that someone out there cares about the facts and the truth. I was approached by one of the old folks opposed to Crossroads asking me to sign a petition against the project. I know a lot about the project, having attending many of the hearings and having reviewed the plans. I was appalled by the outright (falsehoods) being spoken by people I had once respected. I talked to a few of my friends who had the same experience as I and they are also offended.It is one thing to oppose a project and have strong opinions about it, but to try to convince others to oppose it or delay it by sending it to a vote of the people based on (falsehoods) and exaggerations is shameful. …Re: Move over, or out, middle classYou remind me of someone who has purchased a home near the airport, and then complains about the noise. You act as if there was a Mayberry-like town of Vail before the EVIL, EVIL ski resort and second-home owners came along and ruined it. There isn’t now, nor will there ever be, a real middle class in Vail. Re: The ski industry came from the 10th Mountain DivisionA very sweet story and I thank its author. Informative and heartwarming. Thanks for the good news. When you ski next, thank the vets. The tale reminds me of the fact that there are a group of Cape Codders in Vail, all young people who love these mountains in the winter ,as well as the chilly North Atlantic in the summertime. Vail is so special.Re: Aspen gets serious about ‘Canary’ planMenconi and Runyon want to follow in Aspen’s foolish footsteps with their Eco-Build program. Just like Aspen, they want to make it too expensive for regular working folks to live in Eagle County. The feel-good agenda by those two does nothing positive. …Re: Family remembers ‘happy girl’ killed by truckWriting as a parent, I cannot imagine having to get on a plane to go and retrieve the body of my son or daughter. My sincere condolences to Maria’s family. This is the story of a tragedy; a young woman with an education and promise coming to America to make some money before continuing with her studies. Instead, she will return to her native country in a coffin. In reporting about her death and her family’s grief, her immigration status is hardly relevant. Vail, Colorado

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