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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Are you satisfied with the decision on Crossroads?… Progress is difficult as people hang on to the past.Re: Letters to the EditorWhy is it that all of the old-timers here in Vail are opposed to the redevelopment of Crossroads? You are making it harder and harder for young locals to raise families here. Most of you have grown children and are seemingly focused on the “preservation” of our town. I think each and every one of you who own retail space in the village should be ashamed. Your rates have surpassed the ability for small business owners to survive in this town, and you know who you are. …I would like to ask all of you, who appear to be wholesome about our little valley, why the other projects (The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, The Village Inn Plaza development, and Lodge development, to name a few) have passed with little or no conflict? Is it because you know the Ritz and Four Seasons bring the kind of tourist you want to pad your pockets more? Is it that your children are now grown and can walk in the village unaccompanied after dark on holidays? Is it because you do not have to look at those projects on your way home? Is it because Peter Knobel is not the kind of guy who fits in with your social crowd?Those of us raising families here WELCOME an ice arena, bowling alley, and habitable movie theater. This is the only project that provides any amenity to our local families – the others do NOTHING for my family (only for those who continue to raise rents around here). I cannot wait for Mr. Knobel’s project to commence – and I hope he undercuts all of your stingy rental rates; if this means adding more units to compensate, the more the merrier. It was all of you old-timers who allowed the other projects to pass, all of you old-timers who allowed a curfew on our streets for young kids, all of you whose pockets grow off us small-business supporters, and all of you who no longer have young children trying to call this village home. I welcome any project that increases my children’s social opportunities and keeps them in a safe environment. At least my children will have someplace to go on New Year’s Eve. Where were your kids 10 years ago? Probably right there on Bridge Street. Stop making Mr. Knobel your scapegoat. At least he has incorporated a community vision.Re: Letters to the EditorAndy Wiessner needs to get a life and quit complaining about Tipsline and our right to free speech. Andy only complains about this forum when he disagrees with the position of the writer. Right on to continuing Tipsline. Right on to free speech even when it irritates liberals like Andy Wiessner. Re: Editors’ Blog, Don’t pre-judge CouricThe only reason that you support her is because she is almost as liberal as you are.Re: Friends remember life of Dennis RibenThank you Greg, Paul, Derek, Ashley, Mike and Scott for your sweet recount of Dennis Riben. I remember Dennis well from our high school days and recently have been wondering whatever happened to him. I remember he was around for a few years after high school, and then i never saw him again.You wrote a lovely piece about him, and gave me a picture of what he had been up to in recent years.With much appreciation,Damian Odess-Gillett

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