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Re: Bus it?On the article written on 4/11, it says there is no service to Sunridge, that is unrtue there are two stops one at West gate and the other at the Aspens. There is really nowhere else to put another stop between the two. Being a bus rider I have a few comments/suggestions to bring to your attention. The Avon bus schedule is great during the day, yes a Buffalo ridge stop and a Walmart stop would truely improve things. However so would better service at night. The busses would be used more in the evening if it didn’t take so damn long between busses, and if you did’t have to ride the bus on both routes. I sometimes work in Vail late night and ride the bus. After 11 pm there is no service for Avon, this leaves me two choices when I get off the ECO bus at the Avon center, one is to take a $10 taxi ride, or walk along the lake to get home. I really don’t like either choice, giving up ten bucks for a three minute cab ride is really hard, and who knows what can happen a woman walking around Avon lake at night. Offering a late nite option for patrons of our neighborhood taverns is also not a bad idea. Yes we need money to run the buses, but I pay taxes same as people who work earlier in the day and think the busses should also be available to those of us who work late night.La Verne GomezAvonRe: Mesmerizing rock ‘n’ rollDebra Prowell, you hit the nail on the head with this review. GREAT JOB on several levels. There is a devoted group of lifelong Leon Russell supporters known as LeonLifers that liked the write up also.Your article was forwarded to them and they really enjoyed it. Plese feel free to sign in to the LeonLifer group on Yahoo!http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/LeonRussellI too am a Lifer and you are invited to come in, say hello and ask all the questions you’d like about Leon or our group. There are approx 970 members from all over the world. All you need is a Yahoo login and request to “join” the group… no fees and you can “UN-register” at anytime, but we think you’ll like us.Mr_Duke76@yahoo.comRe: Mesmerizing rock ‘n’ rollRock on Deborah! You rock!!! I love the article. Why haven’t you been hired by the Vail Daily yet?! Peace, out.Re: Mesmerizing rock ‘n’ rollThank you for the great review of Leon’s show. He gets so little recognition and deserves much more.DugRe: Mesmerizing rock ‘n’ rollGreat review Deborah! I am a Leon Lifer! You’ll find us anywhere Leon is performing. We love the magic he continues to deliver to the world! Keep up the good work in getting the word out!!LeonLiferLove, TRe: Mesmerizing rock ‘n’ rollLove your raving review!! We are Leon Lifers…look for us wherever you see Leon delivering his magic! Re: Cure’s worse than the ‘disease’Building a Great Wall (i.e. Berlin? China?) of America is shameful.Re: Don’t be fooledThank you, Kaye Ferry, for exposing the false rumors being propelled by the anti-Crossroads group. When I first learned that Andy Wiessner was leading the group, I thought to myself, Why is he getting involved in this? I know he opposes everything like Blue Sky Basin, the Ginn project, etc., but I did not think this was up his alley. …Don’t let these old timers (and their kids) and their lobbyist push the Vail citizens and government around. I agree with Kaye. Don’t sign it. Re: The bane of Vail’s futureSo why doesn’t Jim Lamont and his lobbiest group, the Vail Village Homeowners Association, stop talking about it and step up to the plate an really study a solution? They want the government to fix it for them. I have an idea. Take some of the money your group raises to oppose development projects and use it for a qualified study rather than Jim’s conjecture. Re: Commissioners lift subdivision banGive me a break. The ban did nothing but convince those of us moderates that there needs to be a change in flavor on the County Commission. I can’t wait for the next election to elect some moderate thinkers. By the way, I am a Democrat and have been since I was allowed to vote.Vail, Colorado

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