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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the EditorConcern for retaliation: Tipsline and Web Wisdom provide a valuable platform for our citizens to express themselves without having to expose themselves to the wrathful retaliation of those offended by certain viewpoints. Here in Happy Valley there is just 1 degree of separation; I may not know you, but I probably know someone who does. Because a single degree of separation affects our economic livelihoods as well as our interpersonal relationships, it is unwise to express ones true viewpoints too loudly. Aside from unintentionally offending friends and strangers, there is a high probability of offending some with whom we do business. I know several people who will not patronize other businesses because of the owner’s politics. Try as we may to separate politics from other aspects of life, in these highly politicized times it becomes increasingly difficult. Tipsline and Web Wisdom provide a reality check and a means for people to freely vent their frustrations without causing potentially volatile confrontations.Re: A green thumbs-upIf “eco-building” were cost-effective, builders would already be doing it. But it isn’t, so a free market is not going to eagerly embrace it. Energy tax credits provide little more than beer money to offset the added costs of using high efficiency products. And as our brilliant yet shortsighted commissioners mandate their noble-sounding intentions on an already expensive building market, they simultaneously demand low income housing. Re: Beaver Creek can add two trailsHopefully the new slopes will be left as gladed as possible.Re: A green thumbs-upThis eco-build is nothing but a feel good program that will fund an additional government employee. Re: Brown on waterIt would seem that Roger should be OUT campaigning, not using FREE advertising from the Daily. With five candidates (so far) running, are our letters to the editor going to turn into platforms for candidates? Letters in support of one candidate or another are bad enough, but this is ridiculous!Re: Residents fed up with long lines, travelWhy spend all that money to reopen closed driver’s license offices? Why not go on line and do driver’s license renewals and registration renewals such as is done in Pennsylvania? Great system, fast, easy, love it! Get with it, Colorado!Re: TipslineAbout the term “gaper”: You don’t get called a gaper for being a tourist. You get called a gaper for not holding your line on a crowded catwalk, having a family meeting directly in front of chair 11 exit ramp, or stopping under a blind roller. Basically, don’t ski like an idiot and no one will call you a gaper. Re: Residents fed up with long lines, travelThere is an option to renew your license by mail. I did and it was easy.Re: Too bulkyRemedial economics: People buy certain goods in bulk quantities because it saves money. This is not “gross,” “abnormal,” or “inhuman,” it is merely intelligent. Rather than whine about what you perceive as “bulky American lifestyles” perhaps you should spend a bit of that spare time pursuing a real education (rather than the obviously useless and liberal one you got stuck with).Re: TipslineFunny to see a few signatures on the Crossroads thing on the massive size is from Merv Lapin and his investor Tom Steinberg, the same guys who tried to sell Eagle on mega-retail stores at the end of a dead-end street last year. Guess size and character matters to them, after all. …Vail, Colorado

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