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Compiled by Daily Staff

Re: Crossroads foesWhy a bowling alley? Terrible idea! Low class! Why not promote health and strength within our active community and build us a rock wall facility? Bowling sucks! Re: Luc and Liz say ‘au revoir’Kimberly and Jean Michel, congratulations of your dream becoming a reality, may it be better than anything you could have imagined. Liz and Luc au revoir, I hope you enjoy your retirement, and your granchildren. Re: The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code is a novel; it is fiction derived from yet other fiction, and like all good fiction it is based partially on fact. This aids in maintaining the suspension of disbelief. For example, Constantine did contract with the Council of Nicea to distill from all the Christian texts those books or letters that would be canonized into the accepted Bible. Most of those texts were excluded and censored from Christian teachings. At the time of the Council of Nicea various Christian sects relied on different collections of texts as the basis for their faith, so the selection process became as political as selecting a new Iraqi president. Did Mary have a love child with Jesus? Did Thomas know something the others didn’t? Was Judas really an inside man? Tune in next millenium to see if the world is still arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Re: Is Vail Mountain fun anymore?Young seasonal workers ought to grow up and realize that life is more than working in a ski resort. Can’t believe they need to “blow off steam” after a “hard” season. Poor babies. Get a life! RE: A Vast ConspiracyThis is now one of many xenophobic letters and comments I have read attempting to scare people into thinking that there is a massive Hispanic conspiracy to take control of the southwest U.S. and reclaim it as “Aztlan,” and truly, I can’t think of a more ignorant and pathetic response to the illegal immigration issue than this. Seriously! You might as well start warning people that the recent influx of Russian workers into the U.S. is a really sinister plot to reclaim Russian outposts lost in Alaska in the 1800’s. Ridiculous! I don’t doubt that there is an Aztlan “movement” in California, but we’ve got about as much to fear from these handful of “Reconquistas” as we do geriatric Black Panthers in Oakland or UFO cultists in La Jolla. Sadder still is the attempt to whip people into an anti-Hispanic frenzy by quoting angry, quasi-facist bigot Cal Thomas who likens Hispanic immigrants to an invading army of cultural warriors who seek to destroy American values by retaining such things as “native languages, customs, and culture.” How evil of them, to retain native language and customs! I guess we should drive a military convoy straight over to the Mennonite colonies in the Midwest and demand they stop speaking Low German and driving in carriages! I wonder what part of American culture the Cal Thomases of the world are scared of losing most? The bland, conformist culture of endless cookie-cutter suburbs, Wal-Mart shopping plazas and beige mega-churches? Or maybe the cheap sentimentalism of SUV-driving NASCAR dads whose eyes well up with tears every time they hear Lee Greenwood sing “I’m proud to be an American….” Or maybe the idiocy of our “Values President” who declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq? Perhaps the culture of endless corporate greed and the uniquely American cultural phenomenon of “personal prosperity” preachers? Maybe the soul-sucking “values” of the Republican right that have pushed science, medicine, education, and social reform backwards 50 years? Whatever great and noble things authentic American culture USED to stand for have been long forgotten not by the brown man, but by our whitest, most conservative, most Anglo citizens. We’ve got a lot of problems in America, but speaking Spanish and keeping Latino/Chicano/Hispanic culture alive in America isn’t one of them, and if anyone thinks that Latinos are going to forget who they are and where they came from in order to “assimilate” into a sad, weak, xenophobic culture just so the Cal Thomases of the world can feel better about themselves, then, pues, mi hermano, think again. Re: Roundabout etiquetteIt is obvious that there is not one way of driving in the roundabouts that is “correct.” If everyone uses common sense and courtesy, then things go smoothly. As the article says, stagger when you go into the roundabouts and don’t enter at the same time as the car next to you. Then be on the alert for folks that decided to cut you off or are just confused and from out of town and don’t know the way to drive in them. Give everyone a little space and courtesy. Re: Life minus immigrantsSo I heard immigration is making some sweeps through our valley. By next year we should be rid of all these criminals. I can’t wait to see during peak season, what everyone calls bottom of the bucket jobs being filled with hard-working Americans. You thought living in the valley was expensive now.Re: Luc and Liz say ‘au revoir’Good Luck and vaya con dios … we will miss you. My husband and I have dined with you every summer and winter since you arrived in Vail. I hope we will see you on a cruise on Silver Seas.Bon VoyageMary Ann and Dr Richard Staab Tulsa, Okla & EagleVail, Colorado Re: Is Vail Mountain fun?LOL! Everyone in Vail ought to “blow off” steam and laugh and smile as much as possible … jeez, there are enough “hard times” in life ahead. Just let the kids have fun – so many work two jobs. OH,and those over 30 need to lighten the load too … ya ol’ cranky crabmaster!Re: Masculinity to the testSince when does going to a spa require the surrender of one’s masculinity? The headline to this article is sexist, and worse, ignorant, since it implies that real men don’t — or can’t — allow themselves the benefits of massage or skin teatments. The fact is, as the content of the article acknowledges, time spent in a spa is an investment in personal well being and healthful relaxation, regardless of gender. Once again, the tabloid mentality of the editors of the Vail Daily rules the day.

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