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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily Staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we print excerpts of those comments:Re: Minturn headed to GinntrificationIt was only a matter of time before Minturn was bitten by the Vail bug. Sure, there are some in town who believe in the old days. But overall, the town and its businesses are tired of struggling. They see a brighter future. Well, they are selling themselves down the Eagle River with Ginn. They are unable to see that the town they fell in love with once upon a time will not exist. It’s been in the works for sometime, though. Back in 1997, when the railroad proposed its 62-acre development, the writing was on the wall. Back in 1997 and ”98 when talk of the Gilman tract with all those pesky wittle greenies shaking their collective fists swirled around the valley, the writing was on the wall. The sad part of this is, Minturn has had ample opportunity to prepare for this day. Minturn has had a chance to seek creative means to break away from the valley and stand apart. In some ways it did try. But there was very little in the way of supporting current businesses. There was very little in the way of incentives for new businesses. RV park or not, it doesn’t matter now. When postmaster Jimmy told me a few years back he only recognizes a few faces across the counter anymore, the writing was on the wall. Those faces are getting fewer and fewer these days. Even old Frank on Main Street will have to give in soon and move on. The faces and the place are all changing. Say goodbye to Minturn. I know I did.Re: Trista bows outThank you for a positive article. I live a long long way from Vail (North Carolina, to be exact), but Trista and Ryan have me believing in the power of love. I like how they are “normal folks” and fame does not to seem to have changed either of them. I hope they stay that way. The good people of Vail should be proud of their fireman and his lovely wife.Re: Americans abet their biased mediaThe media is not a “liberal mouthpiece?” Ha! And President Bush personally tortures prisoners. Yes, of course not every media outlet has a liberal slant. But you know good and well that the vast majority are liberal. Heck, you don’t even have to look past your own paper. First you blame the elite journalists for bias. Now you want to turn the blame towards the rest of us. You can’t have it both ways.Yes, the media is so blatantly out of control – their first priority is ratings and second is the liberal bias. And sometimes conservative issues will get caught up in the first priority. But you know that that is usually the ONLY reason for conservative bias (Fox News might be one of a very few exceptions).Re: TipslineYour child is not considered a under-privileged minority – so no, no money for them. Of course, if you are upvalley, your child if they are white, are now the minority. Have you noticed in Avon’s Wal-Mart fabric softeners, etc., are no longer printed with ANY English language labels? They are 100 percent in Spanish. Ditto for the coupons at City Market in Eagle, their receipt store coupons are printed in Spanish, not English at all. PS: It is against the law to aid and abet. Citizens can sue under the RICO law, and non-profits and local government (i.e., county commissioners who are giving away our tax dollars) are NOT exempted from prosecution. Go to http://www.numbersusa.com, http://www.CIS.org and start fighting for our country before it is NOT our country. That includes out-sourcing, totalization, giving away our Social Security dollars to illegals who have worked here in past years and do not have to work as long as Americans to draw the benefits. It includes open trade, open borders between Mexico, US, Canada. Watch CNN, Lou Dobbs.Re: Letters to the editorMr. Le Vine: There is absolutely no proof of real torture at any U.S. military prison. Your ranting is typical liberal, complain a lot but no solutions. Concerning our moral position in the world look what it has brought Israel. Dead Jews and Christians, lots of them. When are liberals going to learn that Islam wants to bury us not live with us.Re: Amnesty for illegal immigrants fearedYou are such a hypocrite, just like most Republicans are. Who do you think is working for minimum wages in all farmland in America? Your son or daughter? You should be glad you still can eat those vegetables and meats, courtesy of these hard-working people that came from the southern part of our country, or could be some other countries. Why don’t you do your research more before even criticizing them. Why don’t you find out from the IRS how much money these people generated every year and are unable to claim for income tax return, because they have fake ID/SS?Of course, you don’t care because that money stays with uncle Sam. But then you answered my statement earlier: “You are hypocrite.” Get your facts straight before you publish something in the newspaper, because illegal aliens can read the newspaper too, and all you do is create hatred toward immigrants by the American people. …Re: Wisdom from the WebRead my lips, whoever you are who laments the director who is “easily swayed and sensitive to illegals.” You are the one who believes that “patriotism” has been exchanged for “multiculturalism”.Your brand of “patriotism” ain’t mine.I AM an ordinary blue-collar American who does not share your views, even as you say this director does not represent “ordinary Americans”. You and your flag-waving opinions will not hold back the influx of immigrants here in America because immigration, legal or not, is the past, present and future story of this country. Your statements are not evidence of “patriotism.” They are all about selfishness, fear and xenophobia. …Re: Life’s pretty much now or neverThere exist too many fallacies in Mr. Carnes’ column to discuss, but here are a few: Last I checked, I was actually enjoying my extremely successful, happy life. I thought a belief in eternal life was, essentially “optimistic,” not pessimistic. I guess I didn’t realize how miserable I should be.Contrary to your belief, many of us are actually “living for today.” That’s why we are coming out of the closet and getting involved! Thank you for pushing us out!Re: Wisdom from the WebNow some of you are going to whine and say that an objective media is impossible? OK, maybe to some extent, but that doesn’t mean we just throw up our hands and allow the media to carelessly advance any agenda that suits its interest.Re: Town TalkCongrats Shawn! Dave Smagorinsky!Vail, Colorado

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