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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: The value of kooky ideasRogers must have fell off his bar stool again. Nobody said building a tunnel for I-70 was impossible, just irresponsible. Moon landings, computers, the internet, curing cancer, etc., were never “kooky” ideas. Each were bold visions for helping mankind, not self-centered ideas for personal benefit. It takes no imagination to build a tunnel, but it does take a lot of tax-funded cash. It is an insult to true visionaries to put tunneling on the same level. The VVHA’s idea is nothing more than a “don’t raise the bridge, lower the water” syndrome. Absolute rubbish and as fiscally irresponsible as bridge building in Alaska and bio-domes in Iowa.Re: Letters to the EditorFact vs. faith: It’s the 3rd millennium, people! Time to grow up and stop howling at the moon. Re: Letters to the EditorPeter Bergh’s appropriately titled letter (April 24), “Fact vs. faith,” identifies all religion as a primary cause for many of the world’s ills, both past and present. Objectively, it’s easy to see religious conflict in the Middle East. What’s more difficult is to see the religious conflict right here at home, and the damage religion has done, not to mention wasting inordinate amounts of humanity’s finite resources on a pointless endeavor. Human civilization has been retarded by religion. The Dark Ages smothered mankind’s advancement by over 500 years. Creationists have done their best to smother scientific advancement in our own era. If not for the stranglehold on society religion has maintained throughout history the exploration of our solar system may have begun centuries sooner, biotechnology and medicine could have progressed so much further, and mankind might have already developed alternatives to fossil fuels. Many of today’s pressing issues may already have been solved if not for the stagnating effects of religion, all religion, not just fanatical fundamentalists. Then there are the pathological effects of religion on government. Religion has no place in our government (try reading the U.S. Constitution), and it cannot be permitted to infect the Iraqi constitution. Unless Iraq models its own constitution after our own and purges all reliance on religion from it, religion will continue to cause conflict and strife for that country and the rest of the world. Of course, religion will cause conflict and strife as long as it exists, but by denying constitutional support its deleterious effects will be mitigated. Re: So scared of strangersIs there not a difference between radical multi-culturalism and multi-culturalism? Tancredo used that term specifically in the very quote you provided. Re: Legislature poised to boost tourism fundingIt only took 14 years, but the tourism people have finally managed to go behind the backs of the voters and siphoned off money desperately needed for roads to bring in more tourists. With a steady supply of cheap (illegal) labor pouring across the border, the tourist people will be sitting pretty ,while the rest of Colorado suffers. Jack Taylor should be ashamed of himself.Re: Legislature poised to boost tourism fundingAs a mom-and-pop small-business owner in the Vail area, I am thrilled with this. As I speak with other small-business owners, many of us are operating at a loss or barely making it. Any influx of tourism is a help and I certainly look forward to promoting travelers to come to our lovely state and perhaps into my lovely store. As for illegals, this has nothing to do with them as the other comment states. That is a different issue. I do not hire nor promote illegals working. Perhaps the person making the other comment should look toward the construction industry and the Wally Worlds – lots of illegals there. But I bet he shops at Wally World. Hmmm, such hypocrisy.Re: What’s going up in VailAll the construction news is about Vail’s “Front Door.” I’m wondering when are they going to fix the back door? I’m talking about replacing that pathetic lift in the Back Bowls, chair 5.Re: Immigrants plan boycott MondayWhy not Bush’s plan – $40 ID cards? Then you have them fingerprinted, they have a bar-striped ID, and will be legal. If they are convicted of a crime, they are expelled and you have their fingerprints and can keep them from coming back. Sure a few will come back, but better than now. But the notion of sending them home would wreck the U.S. economy. Especially the Vail economy. Re: Wisdom from the WebIt seems the Crossroads obstructionists … will say anything to convince others to join their misguided cause. They are impediments to Vail’s future. Has anyone stopped to consider the excessive financial burden imposed on the Crossroads developer by these obstructionists? The Solaris project complies with all building requirements and has passed every approval process (some multiple times), yet this still is not good enough for the obstructionists. … To continue pandering to the irrational whims of a overly vocal minority that oppose the Solaris project is absurd. Re: Immigrants plan boycott MondayI have been in this country for a very long time. I just got my residency a year ago, and I have family and friends that are here without the permit, but that doesn’t mean we are here to intrude on your way of life and laws. Like your ancestors we came here for the same reason. And we do follow your rules, even though some disagree. All cultures and backgrounds have their criminals, but that is a select few for all. …Wouldn’t you want to achieve better things in your life? … Well, we are the same; we are working hard and wanting to achieve the American dream. We don’t limit ourselves and we aren’t selfish people. We want the best for our families, and we welcome your opinions, but you don’t have to push us around with your bigotry. … We are here to feed our families just as you do.Vail, Colorado

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