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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Immigrants plan boycott MondayI think the walkout is great. I have a ton of respect for our local immigrants and feel the positive impact of their work every day. I am a descendent from immigrants that came here in the early 1900s and pretty sure most everyone here is.I am just blown away by the racism and discrimination that exists here. Not such a happy valley after all. Signed, Normal White Guy. Re: What do you think of immigrant protests?The activists are using these people for a hidden agenda. Why did they pick May 1? Because that is the same day as the Bolshevik revolution. Americans will not stand for this invasion by foreigners. The more these illegals protest, the more angry we become. And now they have stolen our national anthem. This must stop before there is bloodshed.Re: ‘We just want to work’Typical of liberal communities like Vail, the Press always takes the side of the lawbreakers and gives them (foreign nationals/illegal aliens) all “the positive spin” they want to weave their tales of woe.In the first place, they have no business being here. In the second, they have no business working here. And in the third, businesses are breaking federal law by hiring them. The fact that until now, these laws were never enforced isn’t the issue. The left and the communist/socialist pressure groups always use the hollow phrase “They just came here to work.” What these groups and their supporters in the press won’t say is that they broke every law on the books to come here and many continue to break the law, committing fraud by buying phony green cards, opening bank accounts using phony names and being allowed in some states to drive on our roads using easily counterfeited matricula cards. …Re: Immigrants march in AvonThey were peaceful and were more showing their support for the USA and all that it offers. They were carrying U.S. flags! They didn’t desecrate them like so many American youth do each time Bush shows up somewhere. They come here to work, by God. Just think if each American would just come to work. I’ll be in Denver today and will see the numerous homeless folks carrying signs that ask for money. Gee, just get a job like the rest of us! Like those Latins that always seem to find a job.Re: Soft on peoplePeople are beyond furious, and I am talking about furious lawful American residents, not furious illegals who are demanding from us. Demanding? From us? Wrong country to demand from.Re: TipslineI agree that officer at Avon Elementary needs to get out and do something. people park in handicap parking, kids come to school with there parents without wearing seatbelts and that left turn thing is a joke! Get off your phone and do your job! i’m glad someone finally wrote about it.Re: Immigrants march in AvonI think this reflects very poorly on the legal immigrants and on the entire issue of immigration. I also think illegals simply shot themselves in the foot with this “protest.” What in the world are they protesting? That they are here illegally and getting away with it? That they get free health care, free schooling for the children, free or low rates on hot lunches for their kids through the schools, free access to all the amenities that our tax dollars pay for like roads, fire stations, police, etc? I have nothing against immigrants and specifically Mexicans or Hispanics. They are good decent people with good family values. But I have to say that without all the children of illegals in the schools, we would not have overcrowded schools, would not have a shortage of teachers, would not have to build new schools for all the extra little bodies. …Re: Immigrants march in AvonI think the only message these demonstrators are sending is a negative one. Rather than hurting the people who are providing your living in this country, they should find a more constructive way to voice their concerns. “We are not criminals” is a slogan which has been used by this movement. The fact remains that when you come to our country and break our laws, you are indeed a criminal no matter how good your intentions are. Illegal immigrants forge documents and participate in identity theft to falsely prove that they are legally permitted to work in the United States. If you want to live and work in America and have a voice, the first step would be to respect and obey our laws. The second step would be to legally reside in this nation and become a voting citizen. I am all for immigration reform that allows for immigrants to become legal, tax paying, documented workers in our country. I feel that criminal behavior should be prosecuted for what it is, criminal behavior, not rewarded benefits at legal citizens’ expense.Re: The politics of backfiringI prefer a “Day without Liberals.” Then we could all see how worthless they are.Re: Students absent, customers sparseNo, we aren’t “a nation of immigrants.” We’re a nation of Americans, about 250 million of us born here, and we have an American heritage, history, and culture. Is it ignorance or stupidity or what that makes Americans make the claim about nation of immigrants and also makes them use such hackneyed soppy nonsense to justify illegal immigration.Re: What do you think of immigrant protests?I have a better idea: Let’s all leave this country and give back this country to the truly Americans – the Natives Americans. Vail, Colorado

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