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Re: Gap remains wide on state testsEagle County, according to the Colorado Department of Education, has 409 third graders this testing year. 196 are hispanic and 204 are white. 121 of these students did not pass the CSAP reading test! I could not find the data broken down according to minority enrollment. I’m sure the district could provide it to us as they use this to determine Adequate Yearly Progress. What unsettled me as much as the failure rate was that only 16 children, or 4 percent, scored in the advanced category. Last year our district spent $9,390 per student. Something is horribly wrong when so few third graders can read at an advanced level. Seems like our district is becoming unable to educate its given students and then blames those kids when they can’t perform. The blame falls soley on the shoulders of the administrators and school board because they are responsible for hiring and curriculum. After all, if these young kids haven’t learned you haven’t seen to it that they were taught. Please stop blaming our kids and get to work finding programs that actually work.Re: Sheriff candidate talks about ’96 arrestEagle County Democrats have scored again. First they get questionable characters like Runyon and Menconi elected, now they back a sheriff candidate who has shown that he can’t control himself properly while under pressure. We have no reason to trade in Joe Hoy for this guy. No wonder the Democrats want to hide party affiliation if this is the best they can come up with! Re: Did it with slavery …Some laws need to be ENFORCED ( “Illegals” do fill a need. So make them legal. Change the law) – not changed. “Hogwash” and you are in the sound Minority here with this opinion DR …Re: Letters to the EditorOn Thursday, CJ Jordan said, “We, the citizens of this country, need to put the spotlight on the minimum wage. Who can live on $5.25 hour?”CJ is right about one thing: putting the spotlight on minimum wage, but it should be abolished not raised. Minimum wage was NEVER intended to provide an income anyone could “live on.” This is just how socialists in this country have come to view the idea. Minimum wage is just another example of liberal “feel-good” legislation with numerous unintended consequences.Re: What’s your world view?If the purpose of Bob Branden’s commentary was to “make people think,” the charity should begin at home before sharing his vacuous stream of self-delusional gibberish with anyone else. Bob is right about Jay Leno’s “Man on the street” segments – the level of ignorance out there is scary. I think this is due in large part to the amount of delusional gibberish with which people fill their heads. Rather than study the hard sciences, people waste their time studying supernatural nonsense, such as astrology and religion (it’s all the same mystical mumbo jumbo). Unlike religion, science regularly corrects itself. No religion can withstand the rigors of science and the scientific method; it cannot survive the prelude. Bob tries to convince us that his arguments are objective and his reasoning logical. They are neither; magical reasoning and sophomoric attempts at logic only work when you’re preaching to the choir. Bob claims that because so many people believe an absurd thing it must be true, but that only proves there are a lot of idiots in the world (as Jay Leno proves regularly). I do not disagree, but just because they may be a majority does not make them right.Re: Sheriff candidate talks about ’96 arrestPeople make mistakes. That is why WE ARE HUMANS!!! This gentleman has shown his face and has looked us in the eye and has come forward with his past in his hands. If you can judge a person so quickly then we have lost all that has been accomplished and the good that we know. Never judge a person for you never know when you will fall in the hole yourself. Choose your words wisely I have always said. What is so disappointing is that everyday we do this to ourselves – we walk around criticizing everyone for just about everything. I am so over how people turn their backs at each other when they need them. Vote for this gentleman because his skeletons are out there. And unfortunately I will bet that anyone that judges a person has some skeletons hidden themselves. Bless this man to get the position he deserves and bless our beautiful Eagle County! Vote for the person you trust. And I for one trust this man because change never hurt anyone. Re: Wisdom from the WebThe cover story of The Westword paper in Denver is about the Crossroads redevelopment. It is an interesting article and readers should check it out at http://www.westword.com.A couple of interesting quotes for those of you who don’t have time to read it.From Jim Lamont of the Vail Village Homeowners Assocation, describing his second homeowner consituency’s feelings about young locals involvement in Vail politics: “People invest in a lifestyle, particularly when you’re dealing with such a wealthy group. Many people don’t have a lot of confidence in the younger generation really understanding the sophistication and acumen needed to run a world class resort.”I have plenty of confidence in the younger generation.Re: Answerland – Vail Resorts cloud-seeding?I have always wondered if any health dangers have ever been studied for people living in the areas where silver iodide cloud seeding occurs.I have read that there is a noteably higher incidence of craniostenosis in infants born in ski towns that do seeding. Do we know what effect the chemical has on people, plants, water, etc.?I also wonder at the added expense of maintaining roads and general snow removal the Vail Resorts bonus snowfalls create for all of us, let alone CDOT and towns. What about fatal car crashes during enhanced snow storms? There are many impacts to the public by super sizing our snow storms that I feel have never been addressed.Re: Wisdom from the WebActually let’s give back this country to the truly Americans – “Europeans” – from the 16th century bone studies that have been done – that were here LONG before the Natives Americans. Re: Wisdom from the WebI almost always agree with Don Rogers, but when he (sort of) endorsed the “bold idea” from Jim Lamont of the Vail Village Homeowner’s Assocation to spend $4 billion to tunnel I-70 around Vail, I nearly fell over. VVHA’s agenda is always self-serving and is always exclusively focused on improving property values for the richest second-home owners. They consistently oppose initiatives that serve local businesses and local residents. How about $4 billion on day care for the children of local workers, or $4 billion on affordable housing, or $4 billion on open space….Re: Gap remains wide on state tests82 percent of kids don’t speak english in the Avon elementary school is unbelievable. There is no question that there should be the law for such non english speaking kids to be in one year of english emersion school before they enter the regular school classes. It good for them and they won’t hold the rest of the class behind.Re: Water election draws record votersThe water board election has shown that the pendulum has swung towards common sense. It is telling that incumbent Arn Menconi got beaten in a one-on-one battle with Debbie Buckley. This must be an embarassment to sitting Commissioner Menconi because it shows that he only won because there was a three-way race. It also shows that people respect Debbie’s common sense approach and not Menconi’s crazy ideas.Re: Soft on peopleSurprise, surprise. A Liberal finally figuring out that America and Americans should come first. There may be hope for you after all Alex.Re: What’s your world view?Now that was sad. I have not read a more narrow-minded “world view” since Pat Robertson’s latest tirade. Pretending that “truth” can only be considered in two black or white concepts (materialist or Christian) is an insult not only to every other religion that has ever existed but a slam on logic itself. Ignoring evolution because of a single definition for scientific theory and the single issue of peppered moths is a worse stretch than illegals demanding to stay simply because they’ve gotten away with it for so long. And to honesty believe anything at all concerning prophecy and the resurrection puts you on the same level as terrorists who wish to kill us for the same idiotic reasons. You, Mr. Branden, and your fantasy-based world views are a direct cause for so very much suffering in the world today. You need to open your eyes to reality and living in such a delusional world of make-believe deities who control everything except the ability to prove their existence.Re: Attacking BossI want to know why the writer of this Tipsline feels it is so wrong for an employee of the Assessor’s Office to exercise their write of freedom of speech.I was born, raised and have lived my entire life in Eagle County and I want to know how my elected officials are doing. Who better to let us know than the people who work for them. Now if it was only one disgruntled employee I would not put much weight on it.After reading the letter from the employee I decided to find out what was true and what was fictional.I found that the turnover rate was understated. The percentage that I came up with was closer to 100%.I have made a point of talking to as many of the long-time employees that are still in the office, and they tell me that everything in the letter is accurate.I have been dealing with the assessor’s office for years and trust these staff members to be honest with me.I also know that I have tried on numerous occasions to talk to Ms Mack in person. On the few occasions that I found her in her office she could not answer any of my questions. Most times she was not in her office and the staff could not tell me when she would be back.We as taxpayers should be very thankful for the “accomplished staff” that works in the assessor’s office. Without them this county would be in trouble.

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