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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebI almost always agree with Don Rogers, but when he (sort of) endorsed the “bold idea” from Jim Lamonte of the Vail Village Homeowners Association to spend $4 billion to tunnel I-70 around Vail, I nearly fell over. VVHA’s agenda is always self-serving and is always exclusively focused on improving property values for the richest second homeowners. They consistently oppose initiatives that serve local businesses and local residents. How about $4 billion on day care for the children of local workers, or $4 billion on affordable housing, or $4 billion on open space?Re: Soft on peopleSurprise, surprise. A liberal finally figuring out that America and Americans should come first. There may be hope for you after all, Alex.Re: What’s your world view?Now that was sad. I have not read a more narrow minded “worldview” since Pat Robertson’s latest tirade. Pretending that “truth” can only be considered in two black or white concepts (materialist or Christian) is an insult not only to every other religion that has ever existed but a slam on logic itself. Ignoring evolution because of a single definition for scientific theory and the single issue of peppered moths is a worse stretch than illegals demanding to stay simply because they’ve gotten away with it for so long. And to honestly believe anything at all concerning prophecy and the resurrection puts you on the same level as terrorists who wish to kill us for the same idiotic reasons. …Re: Enrollment up at Gypsum Creek Middle SchoolA great school with very wonderful teachers all willing to help your student succeed.Re: Letters to the EditorRocky Smith objects to defending our community from the catastrophic effects of a looming wildfire. The Forest Service has done an excellent job of determining the right amount of logging to save our homes and forest health. Leave us alone, Rocky. All that you are good at is filing frivolous law suits that cost us taxpayer dollars to defend and endanger our homes and families. Let’s support our friends in the Forest Service and keep extremists like Rocky Smith away. Re: Wisdom from the Web… I am not affected by any illegals. I am affected by people that just complain and don’t work.Re: Water election draws record votersIt looks like people are beginning to get smart about water by electing Wegert and Buckley. That’s two less people less attached to Vail Resorts. Kudos to Debbie Buckley in particular for beating Menconi. Menconi has proved just how irresponsible self serving politicians can be. Debbie would make a great county commissioner! She would even do a better job than Stone has, although he has had to put up with Menconi and now Runyon. Re: Gap remains wide on state testsEagle County, according to the Colorado Department of Education, has 409 third graders this testing year; 196 are hispanic and 204 are white. 121 of these students did not pass the CSAP reading test! I could not find the data broken down according to minority enrollment. I’m sure the district could provide it to us as they use this to determine Adequate Yearly Progress. What unsettled me as much as the failure rate was that only 16 children, or 4 percent, scored in the advanced category. Last year our district spent $9,390 per student. Something is horribly wrong when so few third-graders can read at an advanced level. Seems like our district is becoming unable to educate its given students and then blames those kids when they can’t perform. The blame falls solely on the shoulders of the administrators and school board because they are responsible for hiring and curriculum. After all, if these young kids haven’t learned, you haven’t seen to it that they were taught. Please stop blaming our kids and get to work finding programs that actually work.Re: Did it with slavery …Some laws need to be ENFORCED (“Illegals do fill a need. So make them legal. Change the law.”) – not changed. Hogwash and you are in the sound minority here with this opinion, D.R.Re: TipslineI like John McCain but his $50 per hour proposal to pick lettuce in Arizona is not a viable solution. Get real.Re: What’s your world view?If the purpose of Bob Branden’s commentary was to “make people think,” the charity should begin at home before sharing his vacuous stream of self-delusional gibberish with anyone else. Bob is right about Jay Leno’s “Man on the street” segments. The level of ignorance out there is scary. I think this is due in large part to the amount of delusional gibberish with which people fill their heads. Rather than study the hard sciences people waste their time studying supernatural nonsense, such as astrology and religion (it’s all the same mystical mumbo jumbo). Unlike religion, science regularly corrects itself. No religion can withstand the rigors of science and the scientific method; it cannot survive the prelude. Bob tries to convince us that his arguments are objective and his reasoning logical. They are neither; magical reasoning and sophomoric attempts at logic only work when you’re preaching to the choir. Bob claims that because so many people believe an absurd thing it must be true, but that only proves there are a lot of idiots in the world (as Jay Leno proves regularly). I do not disagree, but just because they may be a majority does not make them right.Re: Letters to the editorRegarding the person who wrote that inane drivel about Tom Tancredo, Frosty Wooldridge asks, “How out of touch is the author of that piece? How clueless? How unrealistic?” Surely Frosty must realize the author of that piece is just another uninformed, feel-good liberal. Frosty, these folks live in a constant state of denial! Liberals refuse to learn anything that contradicts their preferred version of reality and therefore remain completely clueless, which is why they consistently make poor decisions resulting in unintended consequences that negatively impact us all. Re: Letters to the editorD. Farrell Cordes’ letter paints the popular rosy picture of the “Christianity of love,” one that completely ignores its bloody history, and fails to acknowledge the fire-and-brimstone Christianity of the not-so-distant past. Christians still preach hell and damnation, arrogantly asserting that the only way to heaven is “their way.” But Christians can’t even agree on the details of their “way” to heaven (just that it doesn’t involve martyrdom or virgins). If Christianity is supposed to be so tolerant and accepting, why then are there are so many conflicting Christian sects? They cannot all be right and to pretend otherwise is hypocrisy. The abstract commonalities of religions (mentioned in the letter) are the flaws of all religions, which is why critics of religion aim there. Don’t blame the critics because the flaws of religion present such broad targets.Re: Pine beetle extermination plan appealedThere the environmental wackos go again. Has anyone else noticed that they are usually all Democrats? One single postage stamp can stop us from protecting our community. There is no justice in this. The question is not if we will have a catastrophic wildfire, but when. These eco-terrorists will not have to pay for the loss of property. They won’t have to pay for the loss of business. No, the burden will be on us locals. When will we say stop the madness and let the Forest Service professionals do the work that they are trained and hired to do? Future Forest Service employees will not be trained in forest management. They will all have to be lawyers!Re: No end in sight to second-home growthMenconi and Runyon (Democrats) will continue to drive locals out of Eagle County with their elitist mentality of anti-growth and anti-business. Look at Aspen and you will see where we are heading if we don’t get some people with common sense on the Board of County Commissioners. Vail, Colorado

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