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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Three Big QuestionsWhere did we come from? Our parents. Circular logic to explain the origin of the universe is an exercise in futility. Science holds the key, not imaginary friends. What went wrong? Nothing. Nature and time continue whether we’re around or not. How do we fix it? see above.Re: Three Big QuestionsYou ask three BIG questions, but lost all respectability in the first paragraph when you asked us to use common sense. You cannot use common sense and blind faith in the same article, much less the same sentence. “Which answer leads to better outcomes?” Well, this statement alone shows a biased viewpoint towards the subject. Doing research with an anticipated conclusion will ALWAYS be invalid research. Open your mind, not your bible.Re: New Vail conference center deal stinksOnce again Kaye misses the mark. There is a possibility that this RFP could lead to the town gaining a new and bigger Lionshead parking structure, additional retail space, TWO brand new hotels, and an event/conference center. I say could because this is just the first stage of the RFP process. Nothing has been decided or even discussed in any detailed manner. The town has to wait and see who responds to the request for proposals.But I know that the majority of our town would be thrilled if we could get the above-mentioned items and not have to increase taxes to pay for them.Kaye you are dead wrong on this one. Re: Avon envisions its new gondolaWhoops, while all of you river enthusiasts were sleeping, construction has begun at the confluence site. And thanks to your lack of participation, there is now no access to the Eagle River for at least two years anywhere within the town of Avon. Please do not whine now that the deed is done. This will probably be the best season for the Eagle in years, and we will not have reasonable access to put a raft on the river. Yeah, sounds like a budding “whitewater Mecca.” Thanks to the town of Avon! Re: Neighbors see brown over bermIf the neighbors really wanted Fred to develop his property, I wonder if they showed up at the commissioners’ meeting to show support? Probably not. The neighbors should ask their commissioner, Mr. Runyon, why he was unwilling to let Mr. Green develop his property with only nine homes. Never mind, he probably could not give you an answer that you could understand. Why weren’t any of the commissioners quoted in this article? Re: Arnold Palmer ‘begins the boom’ in High Country golfWhy didn’t you mention that Arnold Palmer designed the Eagle Ranch golf course in Eagle?Re: TipslineIf you want to make a difference in how a county office is run, cast your vote in support of Ed Smith for county assessor. He is knowledgeable, competent, fair minded and he has a certified general appraisers license and will be able to answer any questions anyone could possibly have regarding real estate value in Eagle County. What a refreshing experience that would be to ask an elected official a technical question and get a straight answer. Besides, the employees in the Assessor’s Office deserve to have the best leader running, and that is Ed Smith.Re: Art depicts banned spiritual movement in ChinaShauna, have you looked into the veracity of Falun Gong’s claims?The live-organ-harvesting and concentration-camp accusations against the Chinese government has been discredited by U.S. State Department:http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2006&m=April&x=20060416141157uhyggep0.5443231&t=livefeeds/wf-latest.htmlYour story is pretty one-sided. For example, do you know the crackdown was a political clash? Falun Gong threatened the Chinese government by demanding a seat in their equivalent of Congress.How about Falun Gong’s teaching? Like Jesus can only save white people, and mixing race is a degeneration? I’m sure they will come out and scare you with their fundamentalist teachings.Falun Gong have the right to say whatever they want, but our media has the obligation to critically examine what they say.Re: Three Big QuestionsWhat is this doing in our daily newspaper? If I wanted a sermon I’d go to his church. Keep your religious beliefs out of my daily paper.Re: Neighbors see brown over bermThis is hilarious. I love it. This is what happens when you let a few neighbors influence the land use process instead of following your own rules and master plans. I’m just glad that Mr. Green had the dollars and the balls to perhaps teach some neighbors a lesson. FYI: the commissioners are trying to enact legislation that affects everyone in the county, to arbitrarily restrict berms to eight feet in height due to this one incident. They like to follow one bad decision with another. Mr. Green is pure genius.Re: Proud to be MexicanHe is right! We must teach the immigrants on how and way to be American. We have to bring them up to speed quickly. It seems that we have more problems with the firstborn of immigrants than we do with the immigrants. Why? We just don’t bring them up to speed. The better we educate their children and them, the better our society will be. And I totally agree with the Teddy Roosevelt statement. So folks, let’s just do it! And yes they can still be proud to be Mexican, just like the Irish, Italians and Polish are proud of their heritages. Vail, Colorado

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