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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we print excerpts of those comments:Re: County backs proposed state budget solutionI think readers should be aware that Referendum C does not change or “repeal” any provision of TABOR. TABOR mandates that all government entities seek prior voter approval to retain revenues collected above the limits set by TABOR. That’s all this election is about. It’s simply asking to allow the state to keep the revenues it collects under current tax rates for the next five years so that the state can catch up from the recent recession and begin to restore some of the cuts made over the last few years to schools, health-care programs and critical road and building projects. Rather than changing TABOR, the referendum C and D election is a way for the people of Colorado to exercise the rights and responsibilities that they have under TABOR to manage the state’s finances. Hopefully, they will do so wisely.Re: Life’s pretty much now or neverI have noticed over the past years, and especially in the past months, that you (Richard Carnes) have dedicated much of your columns to your disdain for all religion. I am not sure who has forced their religion or beliefs upon you, but it has obviously had a profound impact for you to consistently browbeat all the “stupids” that believe in something other than “carpe diem.” I, too, cringe whenever I am “witnessed” to – I have long believed that a relationship with God is a personal thing. Feeling the need to defend your beliefs is deep rooted and strong. It is so because your beliefs (whatever they may be) are the core of what you are – your innermost self. Whenever those beliefs are questioned or disputed, it is tantamount to questioning or disputing the individual himself. It is evident that you feel the need to establish your own right to believe as you see fit, and it would appear that there is no small measure of defensive behavior in your columns. Please understand that when you write, your articles come across as very highbrow and arrogant. You are certainly entitled to hold and treasure your own beliefs, but it would be lovely if you did not go so far out of your way to look down your nose at those of us that are too stupid to have let go of our childish little beliefs in something greater than ourselves. Being a Catholic, I understand more than you may realize the defensive feeling that arises when someone criticizes your beliefs or religion. I have learned to take peace in my own faith. I hope you are able to find peace in your own belief system and perhaps stop looking down your nose at the rest of us.Shelli E. ApfelGilbert, Ariz.(Previously of Edwards)Re: New laws can trouble immigrantsFunny how a sanctuary city words things differently than television news broadcasts. For example “Mexican national” (Glenwood Post article) sounds SO much nicer than, say for instance, “illegal immigrant” (Channel 9 News broadcast) with regards to the man that shot the Qwest executive. Perhaps they are afraid Coloradoans might get just a little more irate if they learn he was hired by a business that did not care about legality in our state and enabled this illegal immigrant to remain here. With the end result being one more innocent law-abiding Coloradoan dead due to sanctuary city practices. What do you suppose his widow is going to say about that? Besides the word “lawsuit,” that is. Now let me add to that. According to Eagle County DA today: “It’s not against Colorado law to be in the U.S. illegally.” It IS against the law, a federal law. In fact if a person is deported once, it is a felony if they return here. So under this thinking, if a person is wanted on federal bank robbery charges, or kidnapping, or terrorism which is also a federal law, they are “home free” in Eagle County? … Re: New laws can trouble immigrantsThe writer has shown more interest in the race of the individuals who have committed crimes in Eagle County. Even though a good majority of them are not immigrants, they have committed a felony by entering this country illegally. District Judge Tom Moorhead has no problem in wearing blinders in regards to their immigration status, or the crimes that they have committed. …John MartinLittletonRe: Tipsline, Avon Post OfficeI am glad to hear that someone is having a good experience with our post office. I, too, just received some Christmas mail, along with bills from December in my post office box in Avon. The problem: I have had the same box number for two years. I received the first note that I had a bag of mail from early December in my box during MAY. Many of our bills were missed or late that month because we never received our mail. I have repeatedly had a problem getting my mail from the Avon post office. Since we are getting a lesser service than most parts of the country because we don’t get home delivery (but we still pay the same amount in taxes and for stamps and shipping). It would be nice if we actually received our mail in a timely fashion. It should arrive faster to our PO boxes in Avon because they don’t have to deliver it to our homes! …Vail, Colorado

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