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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Bryant case stifled reported rapesI like and respect our D.A. that we put into office. I respect him even more so after the Kobe deal. But he MUST work within the confines of the current legal system. Quite frankly, no way would I report a rape either unless I had several other adults who were witnesses to the actual event or a camera that had recorded it from the get-go. It seems that in our American zeal to “assume innocent until proven guilty” means the victim (of various criminal behaviors, not just sexual in nature) are the ones eyed under suspicion, have their entire backgrounds searched and any minor indiscretion of theirs becomes major in court and is broadcast as such to all who are listening.Re: Eagle man sued for spitting in cop’s drinkI noticed there was a picture of the kid who spit in the drink. Why is there no picture of the woman who mowed down the Mexican girl on Highway 6? Racial bias maybe? Or is it because the kid spit in a drink he thought was for a cop? No picture of a killer. Picture of a pathetic prankster. The Vail Daily is pathetic.Editor’s note: The driver of the car, Colleen Moore, was never arrested, and no police photo was taken. We’d certainly publish her photo if we had it. Re: Letters to the EditorI really don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the comments posted in the Daily. The hatred is almost palpable. Whether it’s conservative vs. liberal, Democrat vs. Republican or Realtor/developer vs. conservation-minded locals. If Happy Valley can be this polarized regarding any number of topics, how in the world are we supposed to implement a cohesive democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan? God help us. (Insert your religion here.)Re: D.R.: Immigrant tide short of historyDon Rogers, you simply MUST start sharing your drugs with the public. I say that because it can only be a drug-induced trance that makes you worry more about the cost to the general public if legal people were getting a living wage to do an entry level job, as opposed to the untold billions our esteemed administration is spending trying, and failing, to spread democracy in the Middle East. If I have to pay 20 percent more for an orange and get to go home to my wife and family every night and maintain a home where I was born and raised, then so be it. People who merely want to be able to work and raise their “legal” families should be able to do without having to work three jobs to pay the bills, and I don’t think they should be described as “socialist whiners.” Get a grip and quit howling the party line long enough to get a glimpse of reality. Buddy DollRe: NAPA driver sentenced in vehicular deathUnbelievable. I guess life is cheap in Eagle County. Re: Bryant case stifled reported rapesI dislike and find our D.A. to be a coward and in the case of Kobe should have taken it all the way. There are no protections for the “accused” anymore. We could just try them all for “terrorism” and torture them until they confess, but then what about “innocent until proven guilty”? Money is more powerful than justice, and Kobe bought a verdict from Hurlbert and the “victim.”If Hurlbert could not make the “victim,” testify he could have continued with the trial anyway but chose to quit, making him complicit in the failure of the “justice system.” Hurlbert is a horrible D.A. and should be run out of office and the legal profession. The fact he is there as a representative of the voters of Eagle County makes me want to vomit.The “victim” also failed. Instead of taking a stand, she took the cash. No heroes here. She failed to help protect rape victims everywhere by quitting before Kobe got what he was due.The Vail Daily failed again when they published this vitriol. …Re: Letters to the EditorGo Bob Branden! Jon Becker, have you ever read the Bible? Given it a chance? How could you judge some thing you don’t know anything about?I feel bad for you, I can tell how unhappy you are about this wonderful divine concept,that you can only receive by FAITH. I will pray for you, AnnieRe: Bryant case stifled reported rapesHas anyone in the history of the great state of Colorado ever been falsely accused of a crime? One would think not, reading the “bad guy” comments here…Re: Bryant case stifled reported rapesIf all accused were guilty, and all accusers honest – you’d have a leg to stand on, here. But when millionaires come to town and women see opportunities for themselves with said millionaires, it’s the “never mind, I’m dropping the case and suing for a fortune” accuser who damages the situations of all future rape victims. Rape is an ugly crime and an ugly accusation. Kobe Bryant was accused – and remains innocent until proven otherwise – something his accuser chose not to pursue. She did, however, get a fine pay day.Vail, Colorado

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