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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineEverlasting life? Yes, one insignificant, short, little life on this planet IS all there is for any of us to look forward to. But that is ONLY if you waste all of it believing in such ancient hogwash like angels and demons. You have ONE life, one chance to make the world a better place. Live it and do it!Re: We mean to be greenRecycling was easier and more accessible before Matt Scherr took over. There are now fewer places to recycle and they are always overflowing with trash and junk. Whose idea was this anyway? Re: A-List Blog: Killing the messenger ain’t working anymoreHard-working journalist? You’ve got to be kidding. There have been more cases of factless reporting than ever in recent years. I don’t want restriction. I want fairness. That is the reason you see those startling numbers you quoted regarding restriction on the press. People have this deep sense that they are being lied to and manipulated by a certain point of view in the “mainstream” media. It’s that simple. I expect to see ALL the facts in a news report, not commentary and not half of the facts. I can understand this drivel coming from ideologues, but not from a fair-minded individual like yourself? Right? Re: Don’t get itDavid Le Vine fails to get a lot of things. Probably because he is a dupe of the main stream media, which is a willing pawn of Osama bin Laden.Re: Wisdom from the WebMy “Web Whizdom” may seem liberal to some and conservative to others. I would be happy to rebut each point as soon as “anonymous” finds the intestinal fortitude to sign his/her name to his/her “opinions,” just as I have always done. If you can’t sign your name to it, you must not be too sure of your argument.Buddy DollRe: Friends extol victim’s virtuesJohn, I still can’t believe that this happened. I am so glad that I got to see you the day before at my graduation (which meant the world to me) and catch up and tell you that I missed you. I still can’t believe that you are really truly gone. It is almost easier to pretend that we got into a huge fight and just went our separate ways than the truth. I will never forget your smile and that heartfelt laugh of yours. Every time I picture your face, I see you in your cowboy hat and jeans with your big brown eyes and that gorgeous smile of yours. May God grant you peace now and be with all of your family and help them cope with your loss. God bless you and I can’t wait to see you when I get to heaven! God is definitely in for a treat with you!Jessica BartonRe: Z Blog: Republicans say “BOO!”As a lifelong Democrat, I’m unenthusiastic about Gore. He’s a lame campaigner. In my state of Missouri, we elected a Democrat for governor in 2000 and a dead guy for Democratic senator. Yet Gore still lost the state. You’ve got to work at it to be that inept. Unless the Democrats learn how to win middle America, they’ll only see the White House on tours.Re: ‘Da Vinci Code’ nothing to cheer or protestPerhaps the reviewers were afraid of fundamentalist (or divine) backlash if they did not pan the movie.Re: Fleas, ticks and partisansDon Rogers stated: “The Republicans got an assessor into office who still shows little aptitude for her job four long years later. The quality of the candidates for county offices does not come from any party involvement. Few of their decisions in office have anything to do with party politics, and the ones that do frankly are inappropriate. Party assemblies get candidates playing to the ideologues instead of the citizens. Primary elections for county positions would be fine without the parties. So, if we don’t need ’em, let’s show them the door on Election Day.”Dear Mr. Rogers: As a former member of the Republican Central Committee, I believe both parties have a responsibility to their members and citizens at large to select qualified candidates for all elected offices. The voters deserve candidates that are qualified, honest, willing to serve the public, and have a commitment to excellence in the office they are seeking. The committees should make every effort to put “SERVICE” back in the term “PUBLIC SERVANT” by selecting candidates that are running because their qualifications can best serve the public. Granted, this has not always happened. However, read on for an example of what can happen when citizens step up and get involved.The Democrats are indeed guilty of choosing a candidate that has been at one time on the wrong side of the law. However the Republican Party has been just as guilty by providing us with the current assessor that has no skills for the job.To give credit where credit is due, the Republican citizens have taken responsibility in the upcoming election to select a highly qualified candidate for assessor. Their commitment to party involvement has resulted in a prime example of what can happen when citizens take initiative and become involved. Ed Smith, the Republican candidate for assessor, has impeccable credentials, many years of appraisal experience, and decades of public service as a member of Lions Club. He also served as chairperson in the 2005 Walk for Life. If all candidates were as qualified, honest and dedicated to excellence as Mr. Smith, we would have true “service” in the term “public servant.”I believe in the two-party system of government and it has worked well for centuries. The vote at the republican county assembly a few weeks ago (Ed Smith 77 votes vs. current assessor 36 votes) is an example of how the existing system does work. The delegates at the Republican County assembly made a clear choice for a qualified candidate.Barbara BunnerVail, Colorado

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