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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Z Blog: Republicans say ‘BOO!’I agree, please run for president, Al Gore. He simply can’t win. As a Republican, I would love to see another four years in the White House. If all the Democrats have are these old, divisive, rehash candidates, then the Republicans will have an easy time keeping power. Thank you, Matt, for helping to show how out of touch your side really is.Re: Friends extol victim’s virtuesYou were a great kid, John. I’ll miss your positive attitude on life and remember the good times we had. I’ll remember paint-balling and think of you every time I listen to Rise Against.PeaceRe: Random acts of artThis is one of the strongest shows I have seen from a living artist. Every piece Prent has created is an example of where Picasso was headed. Very impressive.Re: Fleas, ticks and partisansThe party of Thomas Jefferson was the Democratic Republicans. Also, it was a Republican who ended slavery in the USA, it was a Republican administration that first chose (and continues to choose) minority Cabinet members. Democrats talk a good story, but as they say, actions speak louder than words.Re: Charter school vows to reach out to Hispanics”Melisa Rewold-Thuon, the new principal of Avon Elementary School, spoke Tuesday night at an Avon Town Council meeting, where officials were debating whether to lease The Home Depot land to the school. Rewold-Thuon voiced concern that Stone Creek would further disperse the population. ‘As the public school principal, I would like to see my school diverse, too,’ she said. ‘My school is losing diversity as far as the Anglo population. We’re no longer an option for communities because people keep leaving. … People don’t say it, but it’s because people are uncomfortable with the changing faces in their neighborhood,’ Rewold-Thuon said.”Actually, what people don’t say is the academic bar is set too low. My children do not attend public schools anymore because of the lack of academic rigor, not because of the Hispanic students. My children were handicapped by what passed for academic instruction at the public school they attended for four years. They couldn’t spell, couldn’t perform basic math with speed or accuracy, couldn’t read with speed, comprehension and accuracy, knew little history, less science and couldn’t name the seven continents or even find Europe on a map. All the while, they were receiving the highest grades possible. The faculty was hostile to anyone that dared to question. Now, I have chosen a different education provider and the problems are slowly being remediated. Please, I would love to save thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition but I refuse to sacrifice my children to the public schools’ pleas for diversity. Eagle County School District, get your academic house in order and you too will see 220 families instantly lined up for admission. Re: Letters to the editorGood for Ryan for defending his lovely wife. Trista is truly lucky to have such a guy, and she is certainly not deserving of harsh criticism from the meanspiritness of the Vail local who took time to call in their pointless tirade. Ryan and Trista have fans all over because of the love, respect and kindness they have. From a fan in North Carolina.Re: Tom Henderson’s response to Alex MillerLike all other religious believers, Mr. Henderson cannot distinguish between real people and imaginary characters described in a book. Alex Miller is very real and his children are real, and your questions are completely baseless and absurd. You choose to believe in a “spiritual world” and devote yourself to reinforcing those beliefs. People like Alex and myself, although we disagree politically, prefer to focus our energy and resources on the real world that’s right in front of us. Everything you think you know about religion and a promised afterlife was gotten second-hand and without explanation or challenge from authorities who claim as fact things they can never prove, and you freely choose to believe them. Why?Re: River accessInstead of whining and having a pity party, you boaters should be thanking East-West Partners, Vail Resorts and Avon for providing you alternative access. Where were you during the months of public meetings and open houses to plan and explain the project? Where is your recognition of the owner of the property graciously allowing you to trespass on their private road and property for years? After bad-mouthing everybody, how are you going to approach the town of Avon and deal with the fact that commercial boaters cannot legally use the future riverfront town park for profit-making boating access? Perhaps a little participation in community meetings can educate you and a few thanks will help you get continuing generosity from the Confluence owners and the town.Vail, Colorado

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