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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebRe: “When all our children in the district can be in classrooms of 16 and not have any language barriers such as the children at the charter school, then we can talk. Our school must take everyone that applies.”The charter school must take anyone that applies. All applicants have an equal chance of enrollment through the lottery system. The charter school tried to advertise to just Hispanic students but was told it was illegal. Imagine the screaming if the lottery were arranged to accept all Hispanic students first.If you study the School Accountability Reports, it is apparent that most elementary schools in the district average 11-12 students per teacher and this includes the Charter Academy. What this means is that all the schools have the same proportion of teachers to students in the building, yet the non-charter public schools have decided to utilize these adults differently than the charter school. The non-charter public schools could very easily have classes of 16 if they so chose to do so. The fact is they chose to allocate their staff in a way that increases class size. If this upsets you, complain to the school board, district administrators and your building principal. Re: TipslineI don’t understand everyone’s concern about Stone Creek Elementary being diverse. The other charter academy isn’t diverse. Why isn’t anyone complaining about that?Charter schools are just a government way of trying to get rid of problems they don’t want to deal with. Eagle County Charter Academy is a white flight school that is government-funded.As for Eagle County Charter Academy being on the bond issue, until they look like the rest of the public schools, you can forget that.Re: Do you like the sound of a train whistle?The railroad was built long before the town of Avon was formed and you need to get over it. The railroad is there to stay regardless of what kind of stupid laws you can come up with. The likelihood, that the Surface Transportation Board would allow the Union Pacific Railroad abandoned the line is less than 1 percent. If you don’t like the railroad, you shouldn’t have moved in next door too it.! And I really hope Union Pacific puts the line back into regular service, just to drive you all nuts!Re: Avon to railroad: No parkingWho said anything about the railroad wanting to park rail cars in Avon anyway? According to every report I’ve seen, the plan is to use the rail yard in Minturn for storing cars. The only change for Avon is that an a train will pass through town now and then. What’s the big deal? Re: Z Blog: Bushspeak knows no boundsMatt Zalaznick, I’m afraid the only thing this nation should fear is “Z” speak. … You think that President Bush is to blame for the ice caps melting, Hurricane Katrina, Muslim radicalism, dirty air, etc. Sorry Matt, that argument is DOA. …Re: Mugs Shots: Walk like a manOh, Mugs, you are so dern funny. Keep on walking!Re: Coming up on vaildaily.com”A look at turnover in the Eagle County School District”: That should be very interesting. I guess we will hear the same old tap dance from the administration office in Eagle that having 100 teacher and 50 support staff openings at the end of the school year is “normal” and happens all the time at districts all over the state. Do not be fooled.Question authority and do some research, and you will find out that other nearby districts do not even have near the turnover of Eagle County. The Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) is driving quality teachers away from our public schools and everyone should be very concerned. We are the only school district west of the Mississippi using this program.After four years there are no tangible results except that teachers come and go. Who do you think suffers from this turnover? THE CHILDREN!Re: TipslineI find it so sad that a mountain town like Vail cannot figure out a humane way to deal with its wildlife issues, but that the most densely populated state in the country can. Both have bear issues. New Jersey relocates them. Vail kills them. Re: I’m still aliveI AM JASON CAULFIELD AND AM GETTING BETTER. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED THEY CAN E-MAIL ME AT json_culfield@hotmail.com. HOPE I GET A LOT OF ATTENTION. I HAVE PICS IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE IT’S ME. HOPE I HEAR FROM SOME PEOPLE. BYE. JASONRe: Made With Love Cafe closes downThis is all wonderful that people have gone down to help in the Katrina zone. But there are areas of Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish that have been devastated, as well, yet Anderson Cooper et al have made no mention of them in the national news because the neighborhoods were middle and upper middle class. “Rich” (hardly) people losing their lifestyles just isn’t newsworthy. Many of these people lost everything and many have been rendered poor because of failure of the insurance companies to meet their contractual obligations. That’s your story.Suzanne LeBlanc, Avon, from New OrleansRe: Tragedy by the tripletYou ask parents to be responsible for their own children. Good luck. Wish you the best. It isn’t going to happen. Good column. Hope the message is heard loud and clear: “RESPONSIBILITY.” Re: Lionshead garage draws intense interestIt would be nice if the town of Vail would put in a responsible-contractor clause to finally get some health care and reasonable wages for the people who build this town. Stop worker abuse with the 1099 wages! Wake up, Vail. You’re losing payroll taxes by these builders and supposed sub contractors!Re: E Pluribus Unum1) Tell you what…when I stop seeing other people celebrate their non-American culture, I’ll stop celebrating my Latino culture. It should start here in the Vail Valley, at home. No more Oktoberfest, … no more French or German eateries, take down all the Bavarian buildings and replace them with quintisentially American beige stucco. Also, let’s send monitors into all our Teutonic friends’ homes on a random basis to make sure they aren’t speaking German at home – such a threat! Ever notice all the bumper stickers on cars around here celebrating other nationalalities and cultures – New Zealand, Australian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Swedish? …2) If you are really concerned about the reconquistas who want to take back the Southwest, you’re a real sucker. I don’t doubt that some people feel this way, but there’s as much chance as this happening as Louis Farrakhan taking over and kicking all the white people out of America. Re: How about spring cleaning?1. The criticism about the timing of the cleaning sounds justified to me. There may be a reasonable explanation. Perhaps someone from the town government can step forward and provide it.2. One of the categories of identity thieves are illegal immigrants. You can buy a driver’s license and a Social Security card for $250. However, the card number and name they pick out may be an innocent citizen of the U.S. whose credit is subsequently marred. …Re: School bond questionsThe Eagle County Charter Academy has absolute right to share a ballot measure with the rest of the school district. They are, indeed, a part of that district. There are different needs and different issues, but there really is only one question. Do we care about quality education for all children in the valley?Splitting the school bond questions only increases the likelihood that one or more of the bonds fail. When did we start believing that there can only be winners in the presence of losers? How about embracing, instead, the novel idea of banding together to get something done which benefits all students. There are obviously different problems facing different schools but they are not limited to overcrowding. Yes, some of our schools are bursting at the seams. But others are falling apart, contaminated with mold or have less than adequate technology. If I consider modular buildings sub-standard for my own children then how can I maintain that they are acceptable for my neighbors’ children?The self-serving, spiteful attitudes I hear regarding this issue are getting a little old. Let’s look beyond our own backyards, consider society as a whole (this is our future generation we’re talking about) and step up a little. Let’s start behaving like a community. Re: E Pluribus UnumTuesday’s web wisdom post asks, “So, how exactly am I not assimilating”? First off, there is no indication that the commentary was directed at YOU, whoever you are. Secondly, you appear to be fluent in English, therefore you have assimilated (at least partially). Assimilation does not require one to completely abandon his or her cultural heritage, but to my understanding it does mean that immigrants must also embrace the culture and heritage of their new homeland. …Vail, Colorado

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