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Re: Letters to the EditorThanks again Mr. Buckley for pointing out the facts and reminding the Avon Town Council of their duty to the the people who elected them.It seems most of them have forgotten their first obligation is to the residents and current businesses of Avon.Re: Letters to the EditorWhy is it that Pete Buckley seems to be the only person that knows what is going on in Avon? Obviously, rampant Avon taxpayer abuse is happening, and no one seems to know about it. Condemnations, litigation, picking a fight with Union Pacific they have little chance of winning! Who is the reporter from the Vail Daily that covers Avon?Editor’s note: Nicole Frey covers Avon for the Daily. Contact her with story ideas at nfrey@vaildaily.com or 748-2927.Re: Wisdom from the WebThe Charter School is concerning itself with a superior academic model. The school district should be the one to foot the bill to transport kids to that school, which they could easily do at little expense, since Berry Creek Middle School is just right down the street. I’m sure the Berry Creek bus stops right at the trailer park and could easily transport some kids. The other schools don’t lose 5% funding per child, like the Charter School does, and certainly have nothing to do with funding transportation. Hey, that 5%, or around $130,000 could pay for the buses! I think another issue causing the lack of Hispanic enrollment at the Charter School is the lack of Hispanic children at that school. Would you want to send your kid to a school where there are few others of your race? Re: Letters to the EditorJust read the article on the dog cpr. It isn’t new. The American Red Cross has been teaching animal first aid and cpr for quite some time. As a past instructor, I highly recommend it to anyone who has and loves their animals!J. KingHanford, CARe: Letters to the EditorYou know what the funny thing about Pete’s letter and subsequent comments from “others” is…it is really Pete writing them all.That said I don’t disagree with his points. Pete…don’t be so transparent.Re: Sizing up Crossroads electionThanks Don. I am glad you are willing to take on the old guard. The lesson learned for me in Vail is that just because one might be a town elder does not necessarily mean one has integrity or is above being dishonest. So much for respecting ones elders. I could list the people I have lost respect for in this process who I once thought had intregrity, but I won’t. We all know who they are … most have served at the town council recently or back “in the day.”Vail, Colorado

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