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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: No respect?How about respect for a U.S. citizen’s guaranteed right to freedom of speech? Peter Buckley seems to be the only Avon resident paying any attention to what’s happening in his own community. The Avon Town Council is the public nuisance and a hazard to the community’s well-being! The lawsuits they’ve attracted are cause enough to call for dismissal of the Council.P.S.: I live near the railroad tracks in Edwards, so Avon’s shenanigans with Union Pacific will directly affect me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.Re: Cheney’s motorcade causes spat in EagleI was also caught in this road closure and here is what I witnessed: The road was closed for closer to 20 minutes not 10-15. I was treated VERY rudely by the firefighter I dealt with and told there were hazardous materials, NOT that Vice President Cheney’s motorcade was coming through, and to immediately return to my car. I was also told the road would quickly reopen, which was not the case. When a 10-year-old boy on a bike came down the bike path, this same firefighter screamed at the boy to stop. The poor boy was terrified and broke down in tears.Then after we waited and waited, afraid to leave our vehicles, all at once the roads were open with no traffic assistance by the Sheriff’s Office, causing even more chaos. I understand with the current tension this administration is causing the need for this kind of security. But both the Sheriff’s Office and the fire department could have handled the situation much more professionally. If you are going to punish the citizens for their reactions to this treatment, you should also punish the behavior of the firefighters and Sheriff’s Office!Re: flatlander:Clutter and its consequencesDefinitely be careful while in a “cleaning frenzy.” I once threw out (by accident of course) a T-shirt from an ’80s concert Tears for Fears, mistaking it for a dust rag. Not a good day in my book.Re: Last chance for responsible growthHere we go again. Rob Ford has more wisdom than the Planning Commission. Rob Ford has more wisdom than the Town Council. Rob Ford has more wisdom that the people who elected the Town Council. Rob Ford has more expertise than the myriad of private consultants who have studied traffic demands, etc. Rob Ford has more vision than Vail’s development and business community.Don’t think so.Re: Charter school’s role in tax question unclearI will vote no on ANY school bond because additional funding does not increase learning. That is really up to parents and until they are held accountable for their child, nothing will work. Do not waste more of my tax money. …Re: Hippies unhappy about treatment… This whole “rainbow gathering” is just a bunch of people who invent dumb names and try to be something they’re not. I find it contrived and ridiculous. Go be real, people. Be who you are, not some fake personality you think is cool. Better yet, go away completely. The age of the fake hippies is over, dude.Vail, Colorado

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