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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily Staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, are excerpts of those comments:Re: New laws can trouble immigrantsThe writer has shown more interest in the race of the individuals who have committed crimes in Eagle County. Even though a good majority of them are not immigrants, they have committed a felony by entering this country illegally. District Judge Tom Moorhead has no problem in wearing blinders in regards to their immigration status, or the crimes that they have committed. It should be against the law in Colorado as well as every state in the union to be in the United States illegally, but it seems that this infection has gone untreated and has spread to every corner of Colorado without any consideration to the health and well being of the state and of its citizens.John MartinLittletonRe: Tipsline, Avon Post OfficeI am glad to hear that someone is having a good experience with our post office. I, too, just received some Christmas mail, along with bills from December in my post office box in Avon. The problem: I have had the same box number for two years. I received the first note that I had a bag of mail from early December in my box during MAY. Many of our bills were missed or late that month because we never received our mail. I have repeatedly had a problem getting my mail from the Avon post office. Since we are getting a lesser service than most parts of the country because we don’t get home delivery (but we still pay the same amount in taxes and for stamps and shipping). It would be nice if we actually received our mail in a timely fashion. It should arrive faster to our PO boxes in Avon because they don’t have to deliver it to our homes! On average, it takes at least twice as long to get mail here than it did with home delivery everywhere else that I have lived.Re: Wisdom from the WebNow some of you are going to whine and say that an objective media is impossible? OK, maybe to some extent, but that doesn’t mean we just throw up our hands and allow the media to carelessly advance any agenda that suits its interest.Re: Thinking in sentences”I’m not so sure 8.5 million people are READING blogs,” but we know they are writing ’em! I think they call that “venting” – at least they do if one is a female and is ranting and raving. Via mouth or via fingers. I am female. I am a expert on such things.Re: Fun and frolic with illegalsOne of my favorite writers – oh, I just love this. Bet D.R. (our fearless editor) just about choked up lunch when he read “illegals” – that is just so NON pc. Richard Carnes, you are very cool. In all of your life observations. Thanks for the laugh. I needed one. Now the burning question is: Mark Hurlbert, do you turn their names over to ICE in Denver as soon as you realize they are illegal here? Or do you do, as I used to watch, play the “Pass the Buck” game? You know. One cop would push the broken-down car across the street, setting it gently in another PD’s jurisdiction so the first jurisdiction didn’t have to write the darned impound report. And of course the other side would come along and push it right back…and so on. Sometimes this went on for days. Much to all of our amusement of course.Vail, Colorado

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