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Re: Why I oppose CrossroadsBlah, blah, blah, same ol’ spiel. You’re not paying attention, Andy Wiessner. Crossroads is not the only new project in Vail, nor is it the biggest. Repeating the exaggerations ad nauseum will never make them true. Every time this issue has come to a vote, your anti-Solaris crowd has lost and will continue to lose, all at great expense to the taxpayers and the developer. All you are succeeding at doing is postponing the inevitable while ensuring the citizens of Vail will have to view that Crossroads dump for several more years. Enough whining already! You’ve all gone well beyond annoying.Re: Pro-Crossroads council members defend credentialsKudos to Kent Logan for bringing up the issue of seasonal workers deciding local elections. Seasonal workers are great, but they shouldn’t be recruited to vote here for one election and then they leave town.Elections in Vail should be decided by permanent residents and not be recruited by developers for one time use.Re: Letters to the EditorThe political divisiveness Jim Risser criticizes comes from the extreme left Democrats, who were all for the war before they were against it. Their entire motivation is to regain control of the government no matter the cost to the nation. Democrats have no plan, no strategy except one of negativity. They condemn everything the Bush administration does because they are so blinded by their hatred they can no longer think clearly. This has apparently driven the Democrat’s leadership completely insane. For them the end now justifies the means. They will say anything, true or not, no matter how partisan, or divisive, or harmful to their country, so long as it may undermine the Bush administration.Re: Towering exaggerationsIt seems to me that Vail is selling its soul for a bowling alley and an arcade. The plaza is an urban plaza. Not very appealing. Doesn’t make much sense to me.Re: The opposite of dominoesWe became involved IN Vietnam by not minding our own business. We became involved in Iraq when it became our personal business that Al-Qaeda not only planned to harm us (with warnings for years) during the Clinton Administration – but in fact, DID attack us.No comparison, no mirror image. Just as identical twins mirror each other in appearance, fraternal twins are as different as night and day. Iraq and Vietnam are fraternal. Both are twins, and very, very different.Re: Last chance for responsible growthRob Ford made some excellent points. Why is there such a rush to overdevelop Vail?Peter Knobel once before threatened to go away if he could not get his way, but then he came back. He can still make lots of money, provide all the amenities that are suppose to be in the Solaris , and build a smaller building. The intelligent, responsible citizens of Vail want to continue to have an appealing town that is reasonable in size, not the behemoth currently being proposed.The Town Council is not infallible. If there is any doubt about that, just look to the citizens’ reversal of Town Council’s plans for a convention center last year, and before that what the Town Council originally wanted to build for Donovan Pavilion.Better to have Crossroads remain as it is for another year or two and get it right than to rush to build what the developer wants.Re: Eagle medical building takes first stepIt wasn’t too long ago in Eagle when you had to see the dentist for stitches and emergency care and if needed, he would send you to the vet’s office for x-rays.Re: Letters to the EditorKristi Ferraro must not get off I-70 from the east on the main Avon exit, the entrance to Avon and Beaver Creek. What is the first thing you see? Two standard ugly over-priced gas stations!If she works so hard for our town, has she looked at the drawings for Lindholm’s discount energy center? There are plans for a park on top of the gas station. You would not even see the gas station from I-70. What are her real motives to come out publicly against cheap gas? Traer Creek wants to put trees on top of the station. Has anyone ever seen a gas station of this type anywhere in the United States? It looks very unique to me.Re: Pro-Crossroads council members defend credentialsIn order have voted in this past November’s election you had to be registered by the beginning of October. Seasonal workers don’t arrive until the end of November. …

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