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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Right project at right timeAmen, Kaye Ferry! You are are right on. The times they are a changing – for the better! Vote yes on Crossroads and revitalize our entire community. This is a vote that will evolve Vail into the future and stop the stagnation of those who cannot see the big picture (unless it is in their own interest, ironically).And in response to those who feel the “young voters” are too clueless to vote on the issue, shame on you. Vail and its future belongs to all ages, not just old grouchy hypocrites. As a member of the boomers, and a former “young voter,” I urge the young, the young-at-heart and the old farts to vote yes. The future is here!Re: The height of follyManifestly Don Rogers places the FOR Crossroads commentary on the best location, top right page, wider columns, easier to read, all the while he buries Joe Staufer’s response.Friends of Vail must pay for best location.In this war of words the Vail Daily is collaborating rather than bringing us the news, fair and square.”BRINGING THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER” is his most hypocritical motto. Shame on Don Rogers.FRIEND OF TRUTH and FAIR PRESSRe: Letters to the EditorI am writing about the letter by William and Norma Brown, who stated that the ridgelines on Crossroads were the “length of a football field.” A football field? A football field is 100 yards long without the end zones. I am sure it would take more Crossroads properties to equal 100 yards. So you should stop listening to people like Andy (Wiessner) and think about what you are writing before you publish it. Maybe I am confused. I guess you could have been talking about one of those little pee-wee league fields.Re: Evolution a worldview, not scienceIf everything had to be created by someone, and that someone is God, who created God? Shouldn’t we skip the egocentric middleman?Re: Letters to the EditorIt is the job of the every council to negotiate the best possible deal for the citizens they represent with every developer. This is done in public and elected officials welcome and learn from input from the public. This public process was followed for the Westin Riverfront development. Many members of the public spoke, and they made several comments that were considered by the Avon council during the negotiations. After many hours of negotiations with the Westin Riverfront developer the 4 council members eligible to vote approved the project.I think it is important to note that on a (recent) Tuesday evening, while anonymous was commenting on this letter, the Avon Town Council reviewed a well-planned and documented subdivision for Traer Creek, which was unanimously approved by all 6 voting members of the council.Part of the process requires that we see and review plans and documents, not just sketches. We appreciated the fine work that was provided to the Avon staff and council by Traer Creek for the location of the water tower. The application was originally presented in April/May but was tabled for more information. Once we had the desired information the decision was made quickly and efficiently, one site tour (one hour) and about 20 minutes at our meeting, including public comment.I look forward to reviewing future Traer Creek plans, when appropriate, for the village. Please keep in mind the Avon Town Council has limited oversight of the Village project. It is our job to scrutinize what is presented to us, but we currently have no applications in front of us for consideration.Amy PhillipsVail, Colorado

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