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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorRegarding Thursday’s “Mili-tary sacrifice” letter, I’d like the writer (and several others whose letters have been published in this paper) to at least be aware of the hypocrisy they practice when they chastise the paper for printing an anti-military piece and then go on to say how great it is that the military fights to retain the freedom of the press (a ridiculous claim in itself – U.S. military action in the past 50 years has been about invading sovereign nations to protect the U.S.’s financial interests, not its Bill of Rights).Your argument seems to be that we should send people to die, in part, for a cause that – when it comes right down to it – you don’t really believe in.Re: Locals onlyAnother local liberal in need of a sanity-check and a civics lesson! First off, Vail attracts international visitors and homeowners, and even a few folks from Florida. Secondly, here in America we are free to travel wherever we like, and freedom of speech follows us across all 50 states, even Colorado. Thanks to Edward Brown of Melbourne, Fla., for sharing a broader perspective.Re: Crossroads vote was carefully consideredThank you Kim Newbury! Good to see a few of you on the Vail council are thinking straight.Re: What babies wantIt can be a little frustrating for non-signing babysitters to take care of the signing babies unless the parents remember to teach the babysitter a few critical signs. Then the babysitter and baby are both better off!Re: Park ‘sprayground’ could be built in 2007I believe that even if construction on the original spraypark plan started this summer, it wouldn’t be finished in time for kids to use it this season. According to the article, Menconi and Runyon didn’t “nix” the spraypark. They simply asked county staff to research a better way to do it, and a better place to put it. It could still be built in time for use next summer, which would have happened with the original idea anyway. Also, according to the article, grant funding from the state may be available for the project, which could cost the taxpayers of Eagle County LESS money.Re: TipslineYou really think going slower than the speed limit on a two-lane highway is dangerous? I didn’t know the autobahn was in Arrowhead. I can’t stand people who have this insane need for speed on our highways. You know and I know you don’t go the speed limit, you go over. Slow down!

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