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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Bears captured in West VailImagine if the roles were reversed and you were the one trying to care for your young. What lengths would you go to in order to provide for and protect your children? Would you walk through a firestorm? Would you walk into someone else’s home? Would you do whatever was needed, when it was needed? Is it possible some of your actions could be considered as posing a threat or being a nuisance? Should you be euthanized for doing whatever is necessary to provide for and protect your children? As for me, I would do anything and everything to protect and provide for my children. Yes, I could even be considered a threat, dangerous, malicious and/or a nuisance if that’s what it took to provide for and protect my young. Does this mean I should die? Why are we as human beings held to a different level of accountability than any other life? What makes us better? Certainly our actions cause multiple innocent lives to be lost daily, whether driving a car or leaving our trash out. Why is it so easy for some to have this mother killed and her young orphaned, when humans caused this problem that should have been avoided? If you leave your trash out, or take part in this tragedy, I hope you sleep well. I know I won’t. I don’t need to be anonymous either. My name is Trish Barton and I have three children I would go to the ends of the earth for. I hope they never have to be motherless because someone else decided I had to die!Re: Bears captured in West VailI find it absolutely appalling this mother is going to be killed for trying to care for her young. It is not her fault people have invaded her territory and left their garbage out with no thought to her life or the life of her young! How sad that humanity is so conceited and egotistical that her life no longer matters and she will be killed for following the instincts God gave her. We as a species are the ones who should be euthanized, not her! Careless people, with no regard for life, cause a situation that now requires her to pay the ultimate price with her life. And those poor babies are also going to pay by losing their mother! What a lovely testament to humanity. I hope the responsible parties are proud now! Personally, I’m ashamed to be a part of this, even if only by birth. It’s time we held the responsible parties accountable rather than destroying the victims of our thoughtlessness! Come on, everyone, wake up! Let’s start holding people accountable, not the wildlife we impact by our actions! Call our politicians, wildlife officers, neighbors, EVERYONE! This has got to stop now! We are not God and have no right to behave as though we are! Re: Bears captured in West VailEnough is enough! That bear gained its habits because we can’t keep our trash where it’s supposed to be and respect that their is other life in the valley besides ourselves. If people weren’t so lazy and would take the proper time to deal with the trash properly then the bear would not have to be put down! It’s that simple! People’s desire to save a few minutes did just that, but look at the cost. A mother bear lost her life because we wanted to save a few extra minutes, and now her two babies have to learn to be bears from some rehab center in some place that they don’t even know! We murdered that animal, and sure there are those who say that they are mad at the result, but if they were truly that caring about the life in this valley, then they wouldn’t have left their trash out in the first place. Humans are the ones at fault here, not the bear, but yet she is the one that has to pay the consequences! The people of this valley who are so self-consumed that they don’t even properly deal with the trash that they make should be punished. We’re willing to end the life of another living creature, but we won’t do a thing to punish those who deserve it. Now because of that truth, a mother loses her life, and two cubs lose their mom. Humans are not the ones in charge of the world. GOD is. By killing this bear, we are removing the precious creation that he put on Earth for us to protect! In my opinion, people should be punished for not handling their trash in a proper way, not the bear who followed its natural instinct to find food for her children. Re: Bears captured in West VailJ.K. Perry, great video on this tragic senseless loss of a mama bear. This video depiction should help folks understand how senseless ignoring mother nature affects a bear family. It is unforgivable there are now two orphan cubs. Humans what will it take for you to wake up?Re: Park ‘sprayground’ could be built in 2007I went on vacation to Australia to go to school and visit with my daughter’s future in-laws, as she is getting married this summer to a fellow whom we love from Melbourne. The county didn’t spend a penny on my trip, but benefitted nonetheless. I was actually inspired by the new fabulous fountains in Vail Village. The children’s fountain is most usually filled with very happy children. The botanical garden in Melbourne had a wonderful example of a “sprayground” that I took some pictures of. I am sad that my fellow commissioners decided not to wait and confer with me before coming to a conclusion. I hope that it will be built as we had originally agreed, before they changed their minds. My children are 28, 30 and 36 years old and live in England, Germany and Connecticut, so I don’t think that they will be using the park much. I remain steady in my belief that it would be a very welcome addition to Freedom Park right next to the picnic shelter. I hope that I will live to see children splashing and laughing in the sprayground. It’s really up to my colleagues, the majority of the board.Tom C. StoneEagle County CommissionerRe: Letters to the EditorWhy on earth any sound minded Republican would want liberal minded Sarah Fisher in office is beyond comprehension. Vote smart! Vote straight Republican.Re: Letters to the EditorWhether you vote Republican or Democrat please vote! Exercise the rights our forefathers and our service men and women are fighting for.Every step of the election process that you participate in gives you a bigger voice in who represents you in all levels of government. It seems that we are all willing to voice our complaints, and that also is our right, BUT don’t just complain be a part of the solution. That means VOTE, starting with the Aug. 8 primary election.Sandy SkilesVail, Colorado

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