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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Z Blog: Bushspeak knows no boundsI’ve never heard such liberally biased propaganda. You should go write for The New York Times. It seems they hate America as much as you do. …Re: About the opinions expressed hereFirst you said that the comments here aren’t official Vail Daily opinions, but then you said the opinions “might align” with Vail Daily opinion. What’s it going to be? In MY opinion, a newspaper shouldn’t have ANY opinion. Why lean to the left or right, just report the news as it is.I know, it’s a lost art nowadays, but don’t give in to peer pressure, rise above it and perhaps you’ll stand out in a crowd of peers that has forgotten what journalism is all about.Editor’s note: Commentary and news both have hallowed places in American newspaper history. The key is being clear between the “commentary” and “news” sections of the publication. Re: Wisdom from the WebThis is regarding a comment about Bob Branden’s commentary, “Evolution a worldview, not science.”Somebody said, “Following pastor Branden will lead us into a poor, intolerant society much like the Dark Ages that condemned Galileo as a desperate last grasp.”First, if this person had actually read the article, without presupposing bifocals, they would learn that Bob isn’t debunking evolution, he is simply saying that it is a worldview and not science. Anyone with an education a right mind can see that from reading the title!Second, this person is simply wrong in stating that not following evolution (and opting for creationism as a worldview) will put us back to the Dark Ages. I ask this person to simply open up a history textbook of the last 200 years and see the progress we have made as humans. Are we now in the year 2006 like the Dark Ages? Of course not. The fact is, we are better now than then. If you refute this, you are simply wrong. Thus it is not because of creationism that we have the problems we have. Nor is it because of the WORLDVIEW of evolution that we are better off. People forget that evolution is a scientific standpoint, but I ask: Cannot God use science to perform his good and holy will upon the Earth? Or is evolution blindfoldingly leading us along with a plan of its own? I didn’t know the “mystic being of evolution” could think for all of us! Doesn’t that take away from the free will that secularists love so much? Perhaps God using both the WORLDVIEWS of creationism (i.e. creation, His will, existence, etc.) and MICRO-evolution (not evolution as Darwin saw it, then by the way rejected toward the end of his life) are being performed before our very eyes. Yes, look at the Dark Ages and now. They are certainly not similar as this naive person has suggested. Lastly, you simply cannot debunk the existence of either worldview, because that is what people have. Whether one is right or wrong, you simply cannot deny that either is in fact a worldview of somebody, and that is what that article was about.Re: Letters to the Editor (Cut & Run)McJournalism! It is time that we demand honesty and integrity from all our news media rather than the self-serving propaganda they’ve been shoveling for years. Like McDonald’s, the mainstream media only serves what its customers want to buy. This is only reasonable because the purpose of any business is to make money by selling stuff that people want to buy. If you prefer deep-fried McNuggets of infotainment with a side of quagmire to dip them in, that’s what the mainstream media will deliver. And as long as people keep eating it up the recipe will never change. It seems many of our own citizens love to denigrate the president, his administration, this country and everything for which it stands. So when the media publishes anything that reinforces these pathological beliefs, their target audience eat it up and ask for more, even if it has the side effects of Olestra. They are McGluttons for punishment (with skidmarks). Re: Anatomy of a heart attack There are plenty of very good air ambulance services (utilizing Lear Jets) that could have come and picked you up, treated you in flight, and delivered you directly to the closest and most appropriate hospital in Denver or the United States. I suggest people have a plan on how to contact their doctor and an air ambulance service should such an event occur. Re: D.R.: Matter of time?The catastrophe that you refer to will most likely be in a large urban area, which is dominated by liberals. What does that tell you?Re: Old Guard made today possibleI can’t believe the hypocrisy. Pepi’s hotel’s addition had to be granted a variance because it was too high. These people have no shame. Re: Wisdom from the WebI am writing about the letter from Suzanne Boettcher called “Ridiculous.” Ms. Boettcher, have you never heard about 9/11? If you want to show up at the airport only 40 minutes before your scheduled departure, maybe you should consider purchasing a private jet.Re: Coming up on vaildaily.comHey, what happened to the article on “a look at turnover in the Eagle County School District”? We have been waiting nearly a month for this article, but still nothing. I guess by the time the article comes out in the paper, the school district will have all of the open positions at the end of the school year filled.Re: Coming up on vaildaily.comThe proposed slide will adversely affect the natural beauty and serenity of the mountain and destroy the peace and quiet of the homeowners.If it happens, it is really all about VA making a few more dollars? The two ton gorilla that has already left the Vail Valley should go in peace.Vail, Colorado

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