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Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Rainbow Gathering includes eclectic soulsThe pathetic thing about this whole story is that these people feel that they are entitled to take over any piece of land and use it as they will without consideration for the people who live there. They hide behind the First Amendment but never seem to say anything! They complain that they have children and senior citizens who are being harmed by “harassment” from law enforcement, but they never say why they would bring such young children or older people out to such a potentially dangerous location.If they truly want peace, why don’t they start by following the rules everyone else has to follow?Re: Evolution a worldview, not scienceYou assume by putting up agnostic or atheistic quotes from prestigious persons of history that what they say is automatically truth. If I or you were to say those exact same quotes people would shrug them off because we are “nobodies.” They are just men, men who are entitled to their own opinion, whether right or wrong. Just because we have all heard of their names does not make them experts of truth.Re: Coming up on vaildaily.comAlpine slide in Beaver Creek? Are they nuts? Whose moronic idea was this? Probably someone who lives elsewhere than in this valley. Get real people. This is stupid.Re: Coming up on vaildaily.comThe soon-to-be absent landlord of Beaver Creek, Rob Katz, has stood his ground from day one saying this desecration of the Haymeadow and the serenity of the Beaver Creek slopes is necessary to please VR’s “guests and commercial tenants.” What about the homeowners who made his Disneyland infrastructure possible and the valley residents who come to this sanctuary to escape the urbanization of the valley? The homeowners collectively have invested far more into BC than VR has. Do we not have a say in our own affairs? I doubt the “folks” (as Rob Katz refers to us BC homeowners) in Avon or Edwards would be thrilled to have a carnival attraction plopped down next to their homes. Truth is, we as residents of BC have fewer rights than our neighbors in Avon, Edwards and Eagle-Vail.VR wants the valley residents to think of us as spoiled homeowners who don’t want the slide in their backyard. In fact, we are spoiled by having lived in this gorgeous little nook that thus far has been relatively untainted by carnival-like attractions. We believe we have duty to protect this slice of heaven not just for ourselves, but for our valley neighbors who love to come play in our backyard. Come on, VR, use your brains and come up with something more imaginative and compatible with the BC brand than this ugly Alpine slide. No matter how you landscape it (with non-native vegetation), what color you paint it or how deep you bury it, it’s still an eyesore and not consistent with a TRUE Alpine environment.Re: Fair is still fairA July 7 Tipster asserts, “Not everyone has the ways and means to start their own business.” That is false. Here in the USA, anyone can start their own business with only their ingenuity and drive. Unlike most other countries around the globe, we are free to operate many businesses out of our home or even a car. You do not have to raise capital for an expensive franchise, rent a flashy storefront, or buy a lot of inventory. Get creative and think outside the box.Tipster then says, “It is up to those who own their own businesses to be legitimate and to be ethical and pay their employees what they’re worth. And to those who think they don’t have to do that, they will soon not be in business in the Vail Valley, because there are many people who are willing to do that.”Congratulations, you’ve just figured out how capitalism works! Problems such as the one you perceive to exist are self-correcting. This is not only fair, it is laissez faire.Re: Old Guard made today possiblePepi and the “old guard” show their true anti-democratic tendencies when he claims that Diana and Dick were “forced out” of office by the newcomers to the Town Council. Pepi, it is called democracy. It is how we do things here. They were voted out of office by the people because the citizens of Vail thought they were anything but forward-thinking. The people no longer wanted those two to represent us and lead us. So they were replaced with much more capable and inspiring leaders. …Re: When politics control the ‘facts’Alan Braunholtz, thank you for stating the condition of our dialogue in politics and the media so succinctly. In today’s segmented media, one can find an outlet and support for any personal view and agenda without valid dissenting opinion or true dialogue. Opinions can be supported with flimsy, invalid data, and talking heads can be seen as bastions of truth and objectivity. We can be subject to tuning into only that which supports our lifestyle and opinions and tuning out anything that contradicts them. Cherry picking the information which supports a cause or position and presenting it as complete fact and truth has been used by political parties, administrations, religious organizations, business and activist groups from left to right, conservative to liberal, capitalist to socialist.Our challenge is to remain open to opposing ideas, and questioning that which is presented as truth and fact and not accepting anything on face value. In a free society it is our privilege and obligation to consider information from more than one source making and forming opinions based on our personal core values and knowledge gained.”Minds our like parachutes, they only work when they are open”Thanks, J. DavidsonRe: When politics control the ‘facts’Alan Braunholtz said, “Unfortunately, most of this country’s media is more interested in profits and market share than actually providing complete information on complex issues. They’ve reneged on the deal that gave them our airwaves for the public service of providing real news. They reduce nuanced issues to nonsensical simple choices, people to stereotypes, and replace expensive investigative reporting with fluff.”The term “non-biased journalism” needs to be in a sign when newspaper journalists walk in to work, including the Vail Daily building, needless to say.Re: D.R.: Matter of time?Western civilization is a result of classical liberalism. Even the Republicans who call themselves “conservative” in this country actually are very, very liberal.Liberal thinking essentially made what’s great about this world great. How about that?Re: Evolution a worldview, not scienceThe preacher has every right to argue his point. He should, however, have a better understanding of the scientific facts before feeling comfortable discussing them. His exegesis concerning evolution shows a rather common confusion between Lamarck’s version of “evolution” and Darwin’s concept of “natural selection.” I will not go into the details, but those interested (like the preacher) should investigate their glaring differences (Darwin actually wrote much of his treatise in opposition to Lamarck’s earlier notions).In light of the preacher’s foundational mistake, his reference to Gould (nice choice of Harvard professor to seem knowledgeable) is completely misplaced, as Gould is discussing the evolutionary process as dictated by Lamarck.Likewise, the preacher’s reliance on the “physicists” in support of his point of view is obtuse. To view the spirituality of an Einstein or Hawking as being in opposition to evolution is just plain wrong. Their observance of a “god” is steeped in the complexity and poetry of such scientific theories, not in the allegorical content of the Book of Genesis.Re: No charter school on ballot, survey saysWhether people like it or not, the students of the Eagle County School District’ Charter Academy are ECSD students. The Charter Academy is a public school. Therefore its students are part of the population of the ECSD. The ECSD receives state and federal dollars for the charter students. The ECSD uses the Charter School scores from the annual CSAP test to boost the overall performance of the district, through averaging in those scores with the scores from the rest of the district schools.If the Charter School is not counted as part of the district, its scores on the required tests should be excluded from the district averages as well. After all, what’s fair is fair.Re: Clinton says GOP strategy is ‘weak’You have to go with the subtext here because his reasons are fallacies.”Climate change” which used to be “global warming” and which claims man affects the climate is THE big lie. The subtext is they will believe it if you repeat it enough.In Iraq we have the pursuit of a constructive goal which is therefore better than WTC ’93, Kobar Towers, Mogadishu, the Nairobi Embassy, the USS Cole and blitzing Muslim countries with tons of cruise missiles to no effect other than to inspire in Al Qaeda the strategy of a gross provocation via NYC and the Pentagon.Clinton and the left must, as they have traditionally, depend on a short public memory coupled with a MSM-driven public acceptance of both a relaxed standard for themselves and a strict standard for Republicans. That’s the subtext here.”How can we fool em today?” still expresses the left’s strong suit.Re: Clinton says GOP strategy is ‘weak’Bill Clinton should keep stumping like this. He’s the best campaigner the GOP has.Re: Candidates weigh in on green building rulesGod Bless Mike Lederhause. His quote: “Less regulation in people’s lives is always better.” No kiddin’ Mike. Nothing I like better than to see a fine Democrat like Mike Lederhause sounding more like a Republican than the Republicans he’s running against. Go get ’em Mike!Re: Solaris wins in landslideCongratulations Vail. It’s so nice to see logic winning over greed and stupidity.Re: Old Guard made today possible… Pepi’s hotel’s addition had to be granted a variance because it was too high. …Re: Clinton says GOP strategy is ‘weak’Clinton was probably the weakest man to hold the office of the president of the United States in the last 100 years! I say probably because it might be close between him and … Carter!Vail, Colorado

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