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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineI notice Vail Daily only posts Tipsline comments in favor of the slide. What hogwash that the homeowners don’t want people to have fun! Does the person who wrote this, and who doesn’t pay the taxes to maintain this resort for him/her to come play in, really believe that? Do we not have a right to protect property values? Even Rob Katz admitted at the chamber of commerce meeting that the slide would have a negative impact on property values. Signed, A B.C. homeowner who loves people to have fun, but who also believes in the preservation of Haymeadow and her property value. Re: ‘Proof positive’What’s “amazing” is that some people are just now noticing that gasoline prices vary by proximity to highways. Wednesday’s Tipster cites a difference of a nickel between gas stations located immediately adjacent to an I-70 exit ramp and other stations located in “WBF Nowhere,” and it’s proof positive of a gas gouging conspiracy. No epiphany here.Re: Watchdogs slam Vail Pass wildlife bridgeThe good news is this project will be obsolete by the time it comes up for construction. By then, we will have driven off every last bit of wildlife out of Eagle County through overdevelopment. …Re: Solaris wins in landslideThe whole Crossroads referendum was a waste of the citizens’ time and money, and even the opponents probably new as much even before they started collecting signatures, but a few important things came to light that we should remember:1) The nay-sayers try to kill projects by threats, misrepresentations, smear attacks against developers, forced delays, appeals, etc. Keep your eyes on Roost Lodge and Timber Ridge to see how the same people do the same thing again.2) A lot of the Old Guard and even some of the current Council members truly seem to have a disdain for the working class in Vail. They even believe that we cannot be trusted with the right to vote! For example, The Vail Village Homeowners Association, the lobbying group of the second-home owners, included the following quote from a “local Realtor” in its June 2006 newsletter to its membership: “Elections can swing at the whim of locals with an agenda: or even weirder, by transient locals who occupy employee housing and register to vote. This supposition is supported by the irrational election results that we have witnessed over the years.”Can’t you just hear them discrediting the Crossroads vote?Re: Support for day-care tax studied”Think of it as temperature-taking.” Give me a break. Think of it as another government rip off to the taxpayer is more like it! When are the hard-working, taxpaying families of Eagle County going to have a little representation? …Re: UFO, Venus or something else?Good story. The guy must’ve been a detective in another life.Re: Support for day-care tax studied Taxpayers pay for a INDIVIDUAL public school bus for Head Start children now: pick up at home, take to preschool, pick up from school, back to the child’s FRONT DOOR step! Plus free lunches and on and on.I got a call on that survey, and the pollster agreed with me when I said “REDUCE taxes. Stop raising them, so the MOTHER can AFFORD TO stay home and RAISE HER CHILD”This is sick.Vail, Colorado

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