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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: ‘D.R.: Matter of time?’Web Whizzer says, “Western civilization is a result of classical liberalism. Even the Republicans who call themselves ‘conservative’ in this country actually are very, very liberal. Liberal thinking essentially made what’s great about this world great. How about that?”The statements you make are accurate, but the implication you seem to want us to derive is wrong. Today’s conservative Republicans share the ideals of Jeffersonian liberals, and many are considered libertarian. Today’s “liberal Democrats” have nothing in common with the ideals and values of Thomas Jefferson or his party of Democratic Republicans. Politically speaking, today’s liberals are socialists (or worse).Re: Difference between magic and scienceSo what do we do when our Constitution explicitly assigns limited powers to the federal government and our government takes over the duties anyway including medical research, education, housing, health care, maintaining low gasoline prices, finding everyone a job or ensuring happiness and bliss are achieved by all and ignores their sworn-in office assigned duties, such as the responsibility to defend the country, its borders and its citizens and the media does not tell people what is happening, and our government (meaning all government, at all levels, beginning with towns) does not tell people what they are doing and NOT doing but should be doing by their oath of office, and our schoolchildren are not taught to know what is, and is not, our governments’ responsibily to their employer, the USA citizens. Then what? Re: Wisdom from the Web, Still more county government spending!Eagle County government has no authority to spend public monies on any sort of day care for children of any age, and therefore should not be wasting public monies into the research of such ventures. This is outrageous.But wait, there’s more! Our very own Eagle County commissioners have also begun a new venture into the cablecast television business! Scheduled to open in September, this new county cable TV station will be the fifth in Eagle County. Our commissioners claim this business venture will not be financed with public monies, but they are already spending over $200,000 in salaries alone.In addition, representatives of the new government-owned and operated station are undermining our existing community television stations by hijacking what limited funding does exist. Regardless of what Commissioners Menconi and Runyon may claim, the limited funding available to staff and operate such a station 24/7/365 will require additional cash subsidies from taxpayer dollars.Do you believe we need yet another local TV station and do you believe this market can support another station? Should any tax revenues ever be used to finance this endeavor, and do you believe our county government has any business getting into any business? I do not. This must be stopped.Re: Jose Sanchez, 1944-2006This is my 4th summer here in Vail, and one of the highlights of coming here was seeing Jose. He was one of the friendly, happiest people I had met, and was always a joy to stop and say hello to. Though our conversations were always very short, just the thought of seeing him and his smiling face was a good reason for me to walk by. I will miss him very much, and would like to offer his family my very deepest sympathy. He was a wonderful man, and he will be remembered by many. Susan, from Arizona.Re: Rules leave less room to buildThe regulations really have nothing to do with what Eagle County Commissioners Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon are doing. They use the master plan when it is convenient and discard it when it does not align with their personal anti-growth agendas. Fred Green’s project is a perfect example because Fred’s proposal from the beginning was in concert with the master plan yet rejected largely because Arn and Peter don’t have enough character to stand up to local neighbors and their NIMBY complaints. The same was true on the Palmerosa project in Lake Creek. That project complied with the master plan and complied with zoning. Seems like a slame dunk, right? Eight units allowed by zoning, three units approved by the BOCC. There again, a well organized, popular, and vocal neighborhood opposed to pretty much anything. So don’t be fooled. Peter and Arn will continue the game. Stone is correct (never like admitting that), the new written standards are pretty much meaningless BS. Peter and Arn will use whatever convenient avenue exists to deny or take property rights away from landowners, whether it is the master plan today or some bogus “wildlife” issue tomorrow. I agree with Mr. Mauriello that having the rules codified is great if we were dealing with a rational majority of commissioners, but we clearly are not.Re: Difference between magic and scienceYes but the research is not conducted by the government, but rather the private sector. It’s the same issue like the government bailing out United Airlines from bankruptcy. More than the question about the sanctity of life, the question is moreso should the government give money to non-governmental needs?Re: Bad science, worse theologySince when is Robert Heinlein the guru for “knowing all things”? That is simply his opinion, sorry, not fact. Gene Bammel is more kind but again, not the ultimate authority on truth, sorry to burst your bubble. Perhaps you should go to a conference that proves for the existence of God to see both sides of the coin before you blindly pick one side. THAT seems like “searching in a dark cellar at midnight for a black cat that isn’t there”, i.e. misinformed on either side of the coin. Re: Difference between magic and scienceOf course embryos are alive. What a strange remark. How else could they possibly reproduce and grow? The question seems to be whether or not they are “human” at that point. And the question for Richard Carnes makes no sense at all. Are you asking him to be a martyr?Vail, Colorado

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