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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslineThis is just a quick comment regarding all the angry people over the recent bear killing in East Vail. I can tell you from personal experience that that bear was a menace. I have lived at the same home in East Vail for 12 years and have never encountered a situation as bad as this summers. That bear broke into my house twice, my neighbor’s house, my other neighbor’s garage, and someone else’s car, all on my block. The police told me that they had three other homes broken into, as well. I was even charged by this bear in my front yard. I love the bears, and I do not feed them or put trash out at all. I even take my trash to the dump myself once a week to avoid the situation. Some people need to realize that this was a special situation, and that this bear had become a serious danger, Re: Wisdom from the WebTo the person who wrote in about the unfortunate “power struggle” in the Crossroads debate:You indicate that the developer declined councilmember Kent Logan’s invitation to sit down and compromise with the town council. If you have ever done any development in town, you would know how much ridiculous “compromise” he undoubtedly accepted throughout the whole process before he finally said enough is enough. You have bought into a mischaracterization of the history of this project.You believe that the Old Guard was the side that was committed to Vail’s “long-term, but 70 percent of the voters believe that replacing an eyesore with a new building and amenities for families is a critical part of Vail’s long-term success.And finally, you believe that the developer created division in the community. The real division occurred with the opponents arrogantly ignored the first referendum on Crossroads (when Donovan and Cleveland were voted off council) and forced a second and very costly vote.Re: TipslineI find it interesting that schools typically complain about a lack of parent involvement. However, what the schools mean by parental involvement means bake cookies, chaperone field trips, fund raise and oversee homework. It does not mean question curriculum, demand accountability, or insist on following IEPs or other regulations. If parents dare to step over the line of how the school wants parents to behave, these parents are then labeled “helicopter parents.” Stone Creek Elementary is an example of profound parental involvement and profound helicopter parenting! I am so proud of these folks. They had it with the runaround, lack of rigorous, sequenced curriculum, and general confusion found at ECSD schools. They actually did something about it to help their children and a few hundred others while they were at it. I celebrate their dedication to providing a choice for all parents of the district. For the Tipsliner confused as to why the charters don’t hook up with the district, these charters are part of the district. They were formed under a state law that encourages citizens to start effective schools. The parents that founded the charters all had children enrolled at traditional district schools. Said parents were dissatisfied with the district and started up their own public schools as allowed by state law. Re: Theory, or hunch?There are two types of people: those who believe in magic, and those who do not. Those who claim to accept science yet refuse to reject magic (superstition and the supernatural) are exhibiting cognitive dissonance. Re: Theory, or hunch?”The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.” – Sir Francis Bacon Re: Feature photo – Avon traffic watchI think enforcement of the existing laws, especially in light of how many and how flagrant the violations yesterday were, is excellent use of the police force’s time.Re: Support for day-care tax studiedWow, you people are vicious! When did this county become so uncaring? Hey, got a complaint? How about coming to the commissioners’ meeting and letting them know in person. I know they’d love to hear from you!And in case you forgot, this early childhood thing (will) go on the ballot, then you get a chance to vote on it yourself. The commissioners are not just enacting a new tax, they’re asking if you want it. You get to decide, so why the complaining?Re: Support for day-care tax studiedVicious? I am not vicious. I just say self support and do NOT ask this county, which has higher taxes than California or Denver and precious little to show for it, to raise taxes AGAIN to pay for children whose PARENTS need to pay for THEIR OWN children. Ditto for the Eagle County School District bond. Same applies, no more money unless the money comes from ONLY those children who are using the majority of the programs/teachers – NOT taxpayers here!Re: Politicians make everyone dumberWow Matt Zalaznick, you actually bashed on a few Democrats right there. Perhaps you’re making the “right” turn after all?Re: Blog 2: Side musings of the authorHopefully this love story will have a shirtless Fabio on the cover instead of you, Don Rogers ;)Vail, Colorado

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