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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: A closer look at early childhood spendingAlex Miller, I have a couple of comments re preschool and Arn Menconi’s perceived “need.” That is a want. You both say Eagle County has one of the highest percentages of working mothers in the country, and local families rely on day care to do the dual-income thing in a county with a very high cost of living.Correct, so making our taxes EVEN HIGHER does what to solve the high cost of living? As the pollster and I both said, try LOWERING taxes so parents can afford to stay home and BE parents, which is their job.Early childhood programs are statistically proven to give kids an important boost in life. Yes, and what they are not telling you is parents, not teachers, not schools, not peers later in life, but PARENTS are the single most important influence on their own children until these children graduate form high school. The SINGLE MOST important influence.Are you a non-wealthy parent? I am. My children received the Presidential Academic Award from Bush upon leaving middle school, and they NEVER were in ANY day care. And yes, I have worked at least 20 hours a week since 1995. I made sure it was at night, weekends and/or my children came with me to work? …Re: A closer look at early childhood spendingAlex Miller you need to get … into the real world. Menconi’s early childhood spending program is nothing more than another tax-and-spend program for the wrong part of trhe population. What are the facts supposedly researched by the County on who and why they have decided we need this new welfare program? Just what are the supposedly needed services? Will they be for the committed families who are paying the taxes? Are they going to be restricted to taxpaying legal citizens? Why isn’t it better for working families to not be further taxed and to be responsible for their own children? If this is such an unavoidable need, why isn’t the County reprioritizing the current taxes and redeploying funds away from some of the pork barrel and other mindless spending? Every intelligent person knows the answers to all of these questions and they all support the conclusion that this program and tax are bad ideas and should never even make it to a vote.All evidence supports that parents and in-home child care produce the very best outcome for the children and for society as a whole. This welfare program will cost taxpayers a lot of money, allow more parents to avoid their responsibilities, to spend more of their own money on their own selfish pursuits and will negatively impact the concepts of individual maturity and the role and responsibilities of families. Even if there would be a benefit to a small handful of families, that benefit will soon flee the area and return to their native country or to another employment opportunity.Commissioners Runyon and Stone, take a hard look at the facts and the how this plan undermines the American heritage of home, family and individual responsibility. Surely the values here in Eagle County should remain true to this heritage and you should not support this idea any further.Re: Confessions of a Vail Pass virginSteve Gall, welcome to the Vail Valley. Glad to read you’ re taking on some of our community’s athletic challenges in your spare time. Save the Minturn Mile for next February. Recommendations for the Vail Daily? OK, here’s a few: Stop using a microscope reporting news in Vail and a telescope for the rest of the county. Give Crossroads a rest. You have enough summer interns now, you should be able to improve the valley’s news coverage. Next, Matt Z .and company have moved the columnists to the extreme left. Fix that with a some balance, as in left vs. right, then have them both tackle the same issue on the same page. Randy Wyrick is underutilized. He’s very bright, and a good writer. Challenge him to do more, and tell him to take that stupid hat off. When Pope and company bought The Trail, advertising rates went as high as what we pay for our over-priced gasoline. Fix that with a few advertising specials. We readers could use a break with an advertising deal once in a while. We know the VD is highly profitable. Kaye Ferry is by far the best VD columnist because she does her homework before she writes. I always learn something from Kaye’s column, even though I don’t always agree with her. Challenge the other columnists to do more homework instead of just writing about their individual opinions. Welcome again. I look forward to our first face-to-face meeting.Re: TipslineI’m a public school teacher who thinks the new Stone Creek charter school is a great idea. The Eagle County School District upper administration listens to no one. They think parents are whiners and teachers are, well, they think most of us are just complainers, so ECSD is not going to abandon TAP even though we have about 100 teachers leaving the district this year. We have such a huge turnover in teachers, which isn’t good for anyone – the students suffer most! TAP, while nobel in its aspirations, has failed and only damages our schools.I can’t imagine how difficult it is to open a charter school, but my hat’s off to these hard-working parents for saying, “ECSD won’t listen to us, so we’re taking matters into our own hands.”Perhaps eventually, the district will realize they need to listen to their teachers and parents instead of ignoring us. Good luck to Stone Creek Elementary School! We’re rooting for you!Re: Letters to the EditorMr. Dean makes assumptions without all the facts. Magnus Lindholm has done more for the citizens of Happy Valley than any other developer, yet he is insulted and chastised at every turn. As Harry Frampton and East West Resorts cavorts with the Avon Town Council to take land from private citizens and try to do bully Union Pacific railroad, Mr. Lindholm and Traer Creek cooperated with Union Pacific to build a $2 million railroad underpass, and he provided new land for the rodeo, land for the charter school and ambulance district, and wants to build an advanced energy center that promises alternative energy as well as lower fuel prices. How is any of this a bad thing? …Re: TipslineI do agree that the district needs a better curriculum to complete with districts nationwide, but giving money to the charter school to build an all-purpose room would not be a top priority. If they need more room maybe they should have considered moving their location to Minturn Middle School when it was offered. No, they turned it down because it was too far away for them to drive!Vail, Colorado

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