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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: News briefs: Students go to math campThank you, Vail Daily, for writing about the wonderful educational programs that are offered here in the Vail Valley through our public schools!Re: Vail could be wireless by ski seasonJust make it free, run it as a service to Vail’s visitors. Put in a time limit. As for businesses, I can see charging them a monthly rate. But when someone is here and that person can check their e-mail, etc., with no hassle, well that’s a win-win for Vail. Charging visitors for this is like having pay toilets on Vail Mountain. Vail needs to add value to its visitors, not nickel and dime them.Re: TipslineThere is a reason that the Eagle County Charter Academy does not participate in the fundraisers with the other public schools. The Beaver Creek Resort Co. sponsors the fundraisers for the Eagle County Charter Academy. They use their golf course for their golf tournament, the Beaver Creek restaurants for their great Haunted House, and with the resort company’s support of their Halloween party – why would the charter school want to fundraise with the other public schools? They make over $100,000 on their Halloween Party alone.Re: TipslineI agree with the person that wrote about the charter school being part of the bond issue, and the one thing that they forgot is when the charter school accepts the same class size as the other schools are required than maybe they could be part of the bond issue. Why is it suddenly that they only want to be part of the district when money is being passed out?Re: TipslineAnd the other side of that coin is the district only wants to acknowledge the charter school as a public school that receives public funds and reduces class size in the other buildings is when test scores are released and the charter scores are included in the district average, thus boosting the image of the district. Remove the charter school scores from the average and do the math! Either include the charter as any school in every way or completely exclude them in every way.Re: Candidates weigh in on idea for a child-care taxKudos to Commissioner Candidates Tom Edwards and Mike Lederhause for actually answering the question about new taxes and child care. Benson, Bair, Fisher and Brown came across as a collective bunch of wimps, too scared to really answer the taxing question, for fear of losing votes. This registered voter doesn’t like politicians who won’t answer a fair question on the issues facing the county. Fisher, your answer was the worst.Re: TipslineTo the person commenting on how the Eagle County Charter Academy should only be considered part of the district when it takes on Hispanics and the teacher participate in TAP. First the ECCA has been offered either Minturn Middle or Avon. Well, Minturn if too far to drive for them, and Avon Elementary would mean they have to accept 120 Hispanics into the school. People, that isn’t going to happen. They don’t really want the Hispanics, because if they did they would have them already.Now on to the TAP: Why would any school want to have TAP? Have you looked at the turnover for our district? At least the ECCA, because it doesn’t have the TAP, is able to retain its teachers. TAP as a whole needs to be removed, but the district won’t do that. They would rather lose another 100 or so teachers than to have to admit that they are wrong or simply made a mistake. Re: Assessor’s Office seeks help from the stateI’m confused. If Mack is running for a second term she should absolutely know what the deadlines are and how to meet them. Why would a state agency be brought in to evaluate progress when Mack has been through these processes at least three times?From the article, it sounds like the staff has things under control as I suspect they have for the length of her term, while Mack remains clueless. Re: Letters to the EditorI really think the numerous letters and posted comments by Sandy “skewer ’em” Skiles have reached their limit. We all get her point.The “I am a seriously disgruntled employee” point and “I have nothing better to do than remain infatuated with the Smith guy or “Gee whiz, I should just find a new job because I really hate working for my boss, but in the interim, let me make my bosses life a living cesspool” point that is.Whatever her reasoning is, it has moved far beyond “Mr. Smith is the right man for the job” by Ms. Skiles.” This poor Smith guy. This doesn’t say much about his supporters, other than “gee we hope ‘they’ (Ms. Skiles) like us or else there is hell to pay.”Re: Assessor’s Office seeks help from the stateMs. Mack could have obtained the same information about the status of the office deadlines from the employees the state representative spoke to. The problem is Ms. Mack does not speak to the employees in her office and she does not trust them. If Ms Mack is not capable of managing office deadlines after almost four years in office ,why would anyone vote for her to serve another four years?Re: Letters to the EditorI applaud Don Rogers and Scott Miller for printing the truth about the current assessor. Without the assistance of the Vail Daily the truth about Mack would never have been in the public domain. As employees we have been told by the county attorney to “suck it up and do our jobs.” What does he think we have been doing for the past 3.5 years? Clueless Mack certainly hasn’t been capable of running the office and the county attorney, administrator and human resources people all are aware of the incompetence of Mack. … Re: Wisdom from the WebIn response to the comment about the possible new TV station: I don’t have a problem with that as long as they fix that TV8 channel, the local channel. It’s a sheer disgrace for the kind of resort community that we live in and doesn’t even work half the time. It’s a complete WASTE of a TV channel. However, if that channel were to present itself accordingly as a legitimate channel then that would open many great opportunities for local businesses. Think about it. It is (should be) a channel where tourists can go and look what kinds of activities to do in the valley. Opportunities of activities-businesses, plus people doing the activities-businesses (by way of a quality advertising medium in the TV8) equals more money for the businesses and therefore more money for this economy. Perhaps you should take a broader look at the benefits of a new TV station instead of this narrow-minded approach. A new (or improved TV8) could allow more money into this economy and easily offset the price to run it.Re: Separate questionsComplaining to the district gets us nowhere. For the Eagle County Charter Academy to choose children over programs, then what is it your kids are doing if they don’t have programs? And since you’ve chosen this then DON’T ask to raise my taxes to help you keep a small class size. Remember, you said you have chosen this. Stop complaining that you don’t have a gym. Re: Wisdom from the Web”So what do we do when our Constitution explicitly assigns limited powers to the federal government and our government takes over the duties anyway … Then what?”A most excellent question! Before anything can be done enough people must acknowledge the problem exists, but it seems perhaps a third of the population actually prefer it this way. To acknowledge the problem people must be educated to understand the problem. Unfortunately, most educators fall into the aforementioned third of the population. If you do not believe that education in America is heavily biased by self-anointed ultra-liberal elitist, you need to read more because the America-hating pro-terrorist, Ward Churchill, is not an anomaly. Start with a Google of: AcademicBiasRe: Difference between magic and scienceOf course, elected officials do not conduct the medical research on the floor of the Senate, but this is where the funding for such research is granted. Private sector companies then vie for position to grab some of this cash, but are then subject to the whims and wishes of the government officials to whom they are now financially beholden. I agree with the comparison of government-funded research to the government bailing out United Airlines from bankruptcy. The government has no constitutional authority whatsoever to use public monies to subsidize either situation; businesses must be allowed to fail or succeed on their own merits. For some (not me) the issue of stem cell research is all about “protecting the sanctity of life.” If this is the reason President Bush wants to use for exercising his veto, so be it. Regardless of his reason I applaud the result, because the real question no one wants to address is about our governments (all of ’em) using public monies to subsidize non-governmental matters. This behavior will continue until enough of the citizenry stands up in opposition to such spending at all levels of government. Alas, apathy (and ignorance) rules and our elected officials at all levels are betting that the public’s collective apathy will continue.Re: Child care tax is on the ballotThis is fine as long as there is a provision that proof of legal status is required for this taxpayer funded benefit.Re: Tipsline, Democrats will never understandThere have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere else. If cease-fires actually promoted peace, the Middle East would be the most peaceful region on the face of the earth. …Vail, Colorado

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