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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Assessor’s Office seeks help from the state”I am concerned that my employees may be focusing on election issues rather than the immediate statutory deadlines at hand.”The leader of the Assessor’s Office said this. Anyone with half a brain who reads this will see a disconnect between this “leader” and the rest of the staff. As a former employee of Mack, I have experienced her to have no idea of how to form working teams. There is no trust between her and the employees and as a result, your property values may be grossly inaccurate. She is pleading for help from the state because she cannot bring her staff together. Before we lose money as property owners, she needs to be replaced with an experienced leader.Re: Wisdom from the WebYou’re absolutely correct, there is no proof for the existence of God, only the work of his hands, if you believe such a thing. But in the same way, there is no DISPROOF for that same existence. Be careful being postmodern; it is the very hole that it tries to cover up.Re: Now that Crossroads is over …In the private sector, incompetent performance generally means lost business, reduced earnings, or even bankruptcy. Only in the public sector – under Democrats and Republicans both – are negligence and failure commonly rewarded with ever-increasing budgets.Re: Now that Crossroads is over …Richard Carnes is absolutely right that our elected officials began exceeding their constitutional authority from day one, but to assume these misdeeds justify the endorsement of further misdeeds is absolutely wrong. Our federal government has no business investing public monies into any business, whether bailing out mismanaged airlines or funding stem cell research. Our county government has no business investing in early child care or senior centers, or television or radio stations. Nor does it have the right to take money from the county’s general fund to subsidize the open space fund. And from the federal government to our municipalities and homeowners associations, none have the right to mandate tax-funded (or dues-funded) charitable contributions for any purpose. Re: Wisdom from the WebThe contemporary connotation of the term “liberal” has no relationship to Jefferson’s liberal democracy. Today’s so-called “liberals” actually endorse socialism, not liberal democracy.Re: Wisdom from the WebBob Branden composed a most authoritatively written essay in three parts (so far) espousing his philosophy and beliefs on science and religion, or what he calls “worldviews.” In all his ramblings he said nothing. He merely regurgitated shallow Sunday School indoctrination. No news there. …”Take a bite of the apple” refers to the Tree of Knowledge – the one fruit your deity forbade his creation from tasting. Since the original sin was already committed, the only things obstructing your vision are your own hands before your eyes. Open them to the bright light of reason.Re: Support for day-care tax studiedAnother new tax on the little guy! Who dreams up this stuff? We already have a taxpayer-paid preschool program, but just like all the “open space” taxes, this weird county seems to think we need more than one preschool tax!Re: Taking on the professorEveryone is an atheist to all religions but their own; some of us just take it one God further.Re: The trouble with labels, TamaraYour attempt at getting people to read the Vail Trail is failing. Give it up!Re: Letters to the EditorIt seems like Ms. Skiles is writing comments in her own defense. I would fire her and every one else of the mean jerks in that office.Re: Z Blog: This is a war on terrorMaybe we should charge the Vail Daily and other biased newspapers for having TOO MUCH freedom of the press.Re: D.R.: Oil balloon ready to pop?I know it’s a separate issue but in regards to “an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent, in the realm of what the economists declare as ‘full employment”: 4.6 percent is pretty good, I’d take that any day. Just look at other countries where only 4.6 percent of the population DO have jobs. In my opinion these people who are unemployed either don’t want to work (lazy) or are on the devil that is welfare (creating dependency, never a good thing). That dependency, similar to American’s dependency on oil. So 4.6 percent, yep I’ll take that any day and that just shows another example of how great and fortunate Americans are. Re: Wisdom from the WebIn response to “Bad science, worse theology”: Faith is not knowing that God may possibly not exist. Faith is having the ASSURANCE that God does exist by “observing and testing,” as you said, this very fact. And what theologians are you talking about? The extreme leftist theologians that you idolize?Re: Z Blog: This is a war on terrorNobody wants civilians killed, but when they’re used as HUMAN SHIELDS, there’s really nothing Israel could do.Re: Avon sees drop in bear complaints,Good for Avon. Thanks for leading the way.Re: Evolution a worldview, not science,I completely agree. Einstein saw physics as a way to explain and comprehend the natural laws that were put in place by God and not as a way to debunk him or disprove his existence. Re: Z Blog: What’s so important about Israel?This was actually a really good article. But it should be noted that the buzz word now is that the antagonist is Islamic fundamentalism-extremism and terror-terrorism is the means by which they execute their goals. Re: Support for day-care tax studiedI have a dog. I think there should be a countywide tax to support dogs. Let’s share the responsibility!I also have a car. I like it, but don’t like having to take care of that, either. Let’s have a countywide tax to pay for my car. Again, let’s be “nice” and share the responsibility!Re: Government Tracker Eagle County Board of Commissioners 7/25/06Before taxpayers say, Oh goody, read this NATIONAL information from last week. Does it pencil out? Still wondering why an SUV might make sense? Let’s crunch some numbers: The Honda’s average sale price rose about 10 percent over the past year. It will cost you a lot more to buy that Honda. In fact, the market value of compact cars generally has climbed 11 percent in the last year, and subcompacts are up 23 percent, says Rosten, as more people have looked to get into a smaller car.In short, that SUV looks like a better and better deal, especially relative to the more expensive Honda.Why now ‘s the time to buy an SUVLet’s say you ‘re in the market for a car. You consider a 2002 Dodge Durango SLT, two-wheel drive with a 4.7-liter V-8 engine. It’s rated by the EPA at about 17 mpg in combined city and highway driving. If you drive the national average of 12,000 miles a year and pay the national average of $2.90 a gallon for regular, it’ll cost about $2,047 in gasoline, annually, to steer your Durango around town. That boils down to $171 a month.Now let’s say your alternative is a 2002 Honda Accord LX, with a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine. It gets a combined mileage of 32 mpg, which means you ‘d spend $1,087 annually, or $91 per month. That means the Honda will save you $960 on gas annually.The average sale price of a four-year-old Durango has dropped significantly over the past year: 8 percent, to $12,643, according to Edmunds.com’s Rosten. “Normally prices should be going up year to year around 2 percent. ” That’s $1,000 that you could use for gas.Re: Letters to the EditorHey Curtis French, better reread those “founding documents” you speak of. None are based solely in any particular faith, just common sense and a wish for freedom from oppression. And the word “tolerant” is no more associated with liberals than “cheese” is with conservatives.Vail, colorado

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